Aussie mum paralysed after 'chemo overdose' during brutal health battle

The cancer treatment allegedly caused permanent damage to her spine, causing her to be an 'incomplete quadriplegic'.

An Aussie mum's devastating battle with cancer has led her down an unimaginable path after an alleged "chemotherapy overdose" led to paralysis, leaving her bed-bound in "excruciating pain".

Naleeta, who has two "beautiful" boys aged 9 and 7, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in May, 2021. But during treatment, she allegedly suffered permanent damage to her spine and has since been classified as an "incomplete quadriplegic".

According to the Victorian family, rather than the chemotherapy being administered through the spinal cord as it often is, it was inserted into her head above the brain because of where her cancer was. After consulting specialists, the family believe this is what caused the spinal damage and allegedly led to Naletta’s paralysis. And while her disease is gone, she's now faced with a whole new challenge.

Left: Naletta Garcia with her husband Steven and their two sons Right: Naletta smiling in hospital bed
Naletta and her family (pictured with husband Steven and their two sons) have battled through a painful ordeal. Source: Supplied

'We all thought it was the end'

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a friend of the family Naomi revealed the "chemo just knocked her around so bad" and said it’s been devastating to watch her friend's heath decline dramatically.

"It was during her third round of chemotherapy she started to lose the sensation within her fingers and in her legs," the Queensland woman said. "She was unable to speak or communicate for a long time, maybe three to four months. We all thought that was the end for her."

Left: Woman with large scar and stitches on her head Right: Sick woman in hospital bed with family support
Naletta had chemotherapy treatment administered into her head which they claim is what led to her spinal damage. Source: Supplied

Naletta's husband Steven has now been left to care for the couple's two children, Ezra and Jude, while working full-time and also caring for his wife. He told Yahoo "it’s been such a wild, depressing and emotional ride and continues to be".

"Whilst Naleeta has come a long way and is making small steps at a time in physical progress, which is very encouraging to see, she is still unable to use her legs," a GoFundMe page set up for the family states.

Unlikely mum will ever walk again

Naomi said the family are yet to hear a doctor say there’s a chance she could ever walk again. "They have not promised her that and I don't think they will, in all honesty, because she's been bed-bound for so long now, it's been two years".

Thankfully, the once "fun and bright" mum of two continues to "work very hard" supported by her "wonderful" and dedicated team of therapists, doctors and health professionals "as she continues to experience incredible levels of pain daily". She's currently receiving further treatment to help reduce her pain.

Naletta, Steven and two sons smile for Christmas photo with Santa
The Victorian family are hoping to enjoy life again. Source: Supplied.

Money raised for struggling family

The family is hoping to raise money to purchase a large enough car that can accommodate her wheelchair so she can once again "spend whatever time she can with her boys".

"Simple yet important things like grocery shopping, school drop-offs or pick-ups are some of the things she wishes she could do, but is unable to do due to her situation of being confined to a large electric wheelchair," the fundraiser says.

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