Aussie mum's furious tirade against influencers outside Gold Coast apartments

Tayla Mellington and Ruby Ennor say they were 'minding their own business' taking photos when the stranger approached them.

A group of Aussie influencers have detailed the moment they were "abused" by a stranger with a baby who caught them taking photos outside a popular Gold Coast residence — and while some called out the woman's behaviour, others agree she had a point.

Tayla Mellington and Ruby Ennor said they were "minding their own business" snapping content outside the entrance to the Mali Residence apartments over the weekend when "this chick comes up and starts abusing us".

"She’s like ‘you’re devaluing the property, we’re going to call the police', and we just didn’t say anything," Ruby said in a TikTok video.

Influencers Tayla Mellington (left) and Ruby Ennor.
Influencers Tayla Mellington (left) and Ruby Ennor were taking photos outside a Gold Coast apartment building when they were approached by a stranger. Source: Instagram

Women told to 'get a real job'

The pair, who appeared on season three of the reality show Love Island, were with another friend who captured the encounter on camera. The women claim the "youngish mum" told them to "get a real job" and accused them of invading residents' privacy.

"Then she goes, 'you’re not that attractive, if you were you’d get paid to do modelling'. And I was like, 'Excuse me?'" Tayla explained in a video which has now racked up over 90,000 views. "She had a baby with her, just abusing us. She walked off and put the finger up at us," she added.

Screengrabs from TikTok video showing woman with pram yelling at influencers.
The women detailed the encounter in a video on TikTok. Source: TikTok

In a follow-up video, a blonde woman pushing a pram along the footpath can be seen stopping outside the building where the women were taking photos. The video starts with the woman saying, "if you were that attractive, you’d get a real f***ing job" before storming off with her middle finger in the air.

Social media divided over 'rude' comments

The Gold Coast residence is a popular spot for influencers to capture content, and in March, another woman Emilee Clark was also abused by an elderly resident in the building. At the time Emilee told Yahoo News Australia she was "feeling scared" after the altercation, but insisted she wasn't doing anything wrong.

Tayla called out the mother's behaviour saying it was "rude". One agreed saying the remarks are "appalling coming from another woman and mother".

"Like honestly how does it affect them? Life is way too short to let unimportant stuff like that ruin your day,” wrote another. But others thought the stranger was right.

Influencers standing outside Mali Residences Gold Coast.
The wall outside the Mali Residences in the Gold Coast is a popular spot to take photos. Source: Instagram

'Pretty obnoxious'

"She does have a valid point. You said you were on a footpath? But you're on the property," one person pointed out. "I agree with her. You are all foul. Get off the property," another fumed

"This is pretty obnoxious. It's a pretty high-end apartment building and I don't think the residents really want people making noise," said someone else. One other reminded the women to "be mindful of the people around you" while another said, "grow up and move on".

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