Aussie mum’s ‘genius’ solution to ugly wheelie bin problem

While some have branded the Luxe Bins covers 'genius', others are not convinced.

Luxe bins founder Jane-Ellen Morrow with husband Corey and their two children Ryder and Dusty.
Luxe bins founder Jane-Ellen Morrow with husband Corey and their two children Ryder and Dusty. Source: Supplied

A young mum who became fed up with being ‘greeted’ by her wheelie bin every time she left her house has come up with a solution to the ugly problem — by developing a way to cover up the bins and their brightly coloured lids.

Jane-Ellen Morrow, 31, has spent the best part of the past four years perfecting and renovating her terrace-style family home in Sydney, but despite all her efforts, there was nothing she could do to hide her bin in the front garden.

“I look out the door every day, or pull out of the driveway, and the bin greets me. It’s always there,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

Her small front yard meant that there was no space for a bin screen, a structure commonly used to hide bins, so she went looking elsewhere for a different solution. When the mum-of-two discovered that nowhere in Australia or internationally sold bin covers, she decided to create one herself — and built the business Luxe Bins.

A prototype for the Luxe Bins, left shows the bin from an angle and right shows the bin cover from above.
A prototype for the Luxe Bins cover which will be available in popular Colorbond fence colours. Source: Supplied

Made out of a water-resistant, fade-resistant and mould-proof material called olefin, it covers the entire bin, but it can still be wheeled around and the lid can still be lifted up. It can also be washed down with a hose.

While the mum says the prototype for her new product arrived in blue, she intends for the covers to come in colours that will match the most popular Colorbond fences. “People go nuts about the fact that it’s blue,” she said. “The reason is because it’s a prototype, that’s just a stock material to use.”

While some have branded the idea “genius”, others don’t understand the need for such a product. “It’s either a problem for you or it’s not,” said Morrow. “If it is a problem you fully understand the concept.”

To those who don’t understand, Morrow said: “Luxe Bin covers are for people with nowhere to hide their bins or wish to blend the bin into the exterior of their home.

“This isn’t a problem for you if you have a spot to put your bin then you won’t need it or understand it potentially. But there are so many people living in the city or different suburbs who have their bins sitting next to their fences because there is nowhere to hide them. They drive in and that’s what they first see, along with anyone else that visits their house.

Morrow says that common questions she has been asked include ‘what happens at bin day?’ and she admits that when it’s time, the cover must be taken off — but says it takes just 20 seconds.

Last month, one man stunned Aussies with a time-saving wheelie bin hack — by wheeling two bins with one hand.

Kyle Hume shared a video of the "mind-blowing" hack online where he lined the two bins up in front of each other, opened the back bin lid first before opening the front bin lid and placing it onto the open back bin. He then closes the back bin lid on top of the front bin lid and simply tips the back bin up to wheel it.

The second bin gets lifted off the ground along with the first, making it fairly easy to manoeuvre both bins with one hand.

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