Aussie woman stuns with carpet cleaning hack: 'Looks brand new'

Getting your carpets clean can be a painstaking and back-breaking job and you don't always get the result you hope for.

But did you know you can dry clean your carpets yourself?

One Aussie shared her technique in a Facebook cleaning group.

"Today I cleaned our carpets with white spirits mixed in water with a sponge mop," she said.

"Came up like new - very happy with the results. Didn't want to get a company in and have wet carpet over winter," she added.

Three shots of freshly cleaned carpet
Facebook users were amazed by the carpet cleaning tip. Source: Facebook

She said she'd used half a cup of Diggers White Spirit in a bucket of warm water before using a sponge mop to apply it.

Her fellow cleaning group members were stunned at the results with the post getting over 250 likes and almost 100 comments.

"Had no idea you could clean carpets with [white spirits]," one member wrote.

"Amazing! I will have to try this,. wow, wow, wow," another commented.

"Thank you! Your carpet looks brand new now. Very satisfying," a third person said.

The OP explained that her and her family had just moved into the house and the carpets were 13 year old.

"There were lots of marks on it; it was doing my head in," she confessed.

Three photos side by side of clean carpets
Carpet cleaning technique impresses on Facebook. Photo: Facebook


The group members also had a lot of questions about the technique that the OP also was happy to answer.

One person asked how to get the dirt off and how wet it was after so she explained that you vacuum first and then just go over the carpets with a slightly damp mop as if you were mopping hard wood floors.

She also said there was no need to rinse afterwards.

Others asked about removing stain spots and whether they could use the technique on a lounge (without the mop of course!) .

"Any stubborn marks, do with a cloth with the same solution," she explained.

On the Digger's website they even suggest blotting stains with neat white spirits.

"Before using Diggers White Spirits on the desired carpet surface, first, test it on a small area to ensure that it doesn’t leave a mark.

"Then, dab the stained area with a lint-free cloth soaked in Diggers White Spirits, and blot dry.

Repeat this method until the stain no longer transfers to the cloth."

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