Aussie woman's $2500 discovery hidden on outback floor - can you see it?

Tyler Mahoney stumbled upon the impressive find last Friday.

It was undoubtedly a good day to be in the outback last Friday after a gold nugget worth $2,500 was found hidden in plain sight.

The discovery was made by the father of Tyler Mahoney —a well-known gold prospector who starred in TV show 'Gold Rush' — with the irregular shaped piece easily missed by the untrained eye among the stones and red dirt on the outback floor.

"So my Dad made $2,500 before breakfast," Ms Mahoney said online. "Can you see it?"

The $2500 discovery discovery can be seen in Tyler's hand.
Tyler Mahoney's father made a $2500 discovery 'before breakfast' last Friday. Source: Instagram

The find is known as an alluvial gold nugget which means the mineral has moved from its primary source via earth movement. The gold prospector found a similar albeit more impressive nugget in June after her family used an excavator to scrape back the ground. Their efforts were rewarded with a two ounce discovery worth $7,000.

The family have been gold prospectors for four generations and own a gold mining tenement near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

Discoveries of large nuggets are becoming less frequent

Despite their recent success last week, Ms Mahoney explained it is becoming harder and harder for her family to find large nuggets as the gold mining town they live and work in is fast approaching 130 years since it's gold rush.

"Mostly big ones are getting a lot rarer, we call it a bonus nugget," she told Yahoo News Australia previously. "It's hard getting access to ground that hasn't already been mined or prospected. Compared to like, 60 years ago, they were bloody lying everywhere."

Ms Mahoney said her family find larger nuggets weighing around two ounces "once a month", however sometimes they can go six months without one.

Gold is currently valued at $2,974.24 per ounce, according to Melbourne Gold.

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