Australia will become a republic, says Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman thinks it's "inevitable" that Australia will become a republic.
King Charles became Australia's monarch following the death of Queen Elizabeth in September - but the 54-year-old actor feels it's "natural" that the country will become a republic one day.
Hugh - who was born in Australia to English parents - told 'Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday': "I think Australia will become republican at some point. It feels natural.
"It feels like something that is, I would guess inevitable, and I guess would be a natural part of an evolution of a country. You know?"
Despite this, the Hollywood star insists that he has "absolutely no ill will" towards the royal family.
In fact, Hugh actually admires Charles and Queen Elizabeth.
He shared: "My father made us stop doing whatever we could to watch in 1981 the wedding of Lady Di and Prince Charles. We had champagne.
"So I grew up with a lot of that. There was no bunting in our house, but if my dad could have found that there would have been bunting and I have absolutely no ill will and I only wish King Charles all the best."
Earlier this year, Australia announced that the British monarchy was being removed from its banknotes.
The country's central bank confirmed that an indigenous design, rather than an image of Charles, will feature on its new $5 note.
Treasurer Jim Chalmers said at the time: "The monarch will still be on the coins, but the $5 note will say more about our history and our heritage and our country, and I see that as a good thing."
The bank took the decision after consulting with the Australian government, which supported the idea.