Australian news live: Aussie's cheeky Premier League act, fresh China warning for Canberra

The prime minister has done a media blitz this morning, but has failed to answer one big question.

Yahoo's live news blog for Monday, April 29 has now concluded.

The day began with a furious claim from the organiser of a rally protesting violence against women who accused Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of lying about not being allowed to address the crowd. He was pressed about the claim on breakfast TV this morning, with more on his response found in the blog below.

He said he would not declare the rate of female deaths a national emergency, stressing a one-off move was not what the country needed for change to what he did say was a crisis.

Below are some of the big talking points from the day.

  • Victoria reports three cases of mpox

    Three cases of mpox, formerly known as monkeypox, have been detected in Victoria, health authorities have warned.

    They are the first cases since January as cases continue to flare in several countries overseas, particularly in Europe and Africa.

    Symptoms include fever, aches and skin lesions, however some people become severely ill and require hospitalisation.

  • Airline keeps confusing elderly passenger for toddler

    Now for a bizarre story from the US, where a 101-year-old regular flyer is fed up with American Airlines after they keep confusing her as a toddler.

    Due to Patricia's age, the airline's systems can't process a date of birth so far in the past and therefore defaults to 100 years later, the BBC reported. This means her year of birth, 1922, becomes 2022.

    While the mix-up has provided a good laugh, Patricia says it often means she's not given the assistance someone her age needs as crew are often expecting a child that's being carried.

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    Patricia, a 101-year-old regular flyer. Source: BBC
    Patricia, a 101-year-old regular flyer. Source: BBC
  • Aldi shoppers go wild for latest Special Buy

    Aldi's middle aisles are hugely popular across Australia but one range of products has left shoppers more excited than usual.

    Video uploaded to TikTok over the weekend shows shoppers jostling to get their hands on the Crofton cast aluminium cooking range, with some seen grabbing as many as they can.

    The video prompted others to say the Special Buys offering was causing similar scenes in other stores.

    Aldi shoppers rushed to get their hands on Crofton cookware after it was released at stores. Source: TikTok/ positivemindset56
    Aldi shoppers rushed to get their hands on Crofton cookware after it was released at stores. Source: TikTok/ positivemindset56
  • China's latest warning to Australia

    China's state media outlet the Global Times has warned Australia not to involve itself in territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

    Australia is set to meet with the US, Japan and the Philippines next month to discuss regional challenges.

    Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military expert and media commentator, told the nationalistic tabloid the increased presence or involvement from "external countries and forces" could "lead to conflicts".

  • Kids paid $500 to set shop alight

    Youths recruited into Victoria's illegal tobacco and vape wars were paid just $500 on one occasion to set fire to a shop front.

    In a public hearing for a parliamentary inquiry into the state's tobacco and e-cigarette controls, Assistant Commissioner Martin O'Brien said as the cost of legal tobacco products has increased, gangs have stepped in.

    "Organised crime see that as a very easy opening to make high profit with low risk," he said.

    "It's not got the penalty associated with bringing in a container load of cocaine or heroin, it's low risk, high reward."

    In recent years, dozens of shop fronts and other venues have been firebombed in an ongoing battle for control of the market.

    "They're using young kids to go in and do the jobs for as little as $500 on one occasion, to commit an arson," O'Brien said.

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  • Aussie causes stir with cheeky move in front of thousands

    An Aussie soccer fan who flew 17,000km to London for one of the Premier League season's biggest fixtures has revealed the story behind a cheeky move that has riled thousands of fans.

    The fan was filmed in the Tottenham end proudly showing off his Arsenal shirt after his team beat their local rivals 3-2 to remain at the top of the Premier League.

    "I just got off a plane last night from Sydney and I came straight to the stadium and I didn't realise I was in the Tottenham section," he told AFTV.

    "Obviously we win 3-2 and I go up to the barrier and I see all the Arsenal fans and I couldn't help myself, I honestly couldn't help myself."

    The fan has certainly upset Tottenham fans. Source: AFTV
    The fan has certainly upset Tottenham fans. Source: AFTV
  • Aerial images reveal devastating destruction left by tornadoes

    Astonishing aerial images reveal the destruction caused by powerful tornadoes that left four dead in the US state of Oklahoma.

    Meteorologists say there were 38 possible twisters to hit the state, with more than 30 people injured and dozens of homes destroyed.

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    Source: Reuters
    Source: Reuters
    Source: Reuters
    Source: Reuters
    Source: Reuters
    Source: Reuters
  • Millions of new cars to slow down automatically by law

    Cars sold in the European Union from July will automatically slow down if a driver exceeds a speed limit.

    The cars will use intelligent speed assistance (ISA) which sends a warning beep or the steering wheel will vibrate when drivers pass the speed limit. If the driver does not take action, the accelerator will ease up, reducing the speed to keep in line with the limit.

    The technology was introduced several years ago however came with an option to opt out.

    Do you think the technology should be enforced in Australia? Have your say below.

  • Explosive Melbourne launch for Kyle and Jackie O

    Kyle and Jackie O have had an explosive introduction to Melbourne's airwaves this morning as they finally made their highly-anticipated debut.

    Kyle Sandilands introduced himself as a "fuel guzzling ex F-boy, coke-sniffing asshole" while the sexual exploits of co-host Jackie O Henderson and other members of the team, which are probably too rude to share here, were discussed.

    The duo, who recently signed the biggest deal in Australian radio history, have vowed to bring their brash style to Melbourne despite ongoing claims listeners won't take to it.

    Kyle Sandilands didn't hold back during his introduction to Melbourne radio.
  • Renter nearly changed $1.6m winning lottery numbers

    It's a very happy Monday morning for one Townsville renter who has scooped a life-changing $1.6 million on the Saturday Gold Lotto.

    But it could have been very different for him after he revealed he came close to changing the numbers he's played with for the last 25 years.

    “I’ll tell you the truth... I did start doubting these numbers and I was thinking about four weeks ago whether to redo different numbers," he told The Lott.

    He revealed he burst into tears when finding out the good news, and now vows to buy his own home with his wife and to pay off his daughter's mortgage.

  • Albanese won't treat deaths of women as national emergency

    Anthony Albanese says he will not declare a national emergency over the rates of female deaths.

    He did say the country is facing a crisis but stressed a knee-jerk response is not what is needed right now.

    "What we need here is not one-off actions. What we need here is a concerted plan... We have to change culture. This is something that requires concerted action from all levels of government," he told ABC News Breakfast.

  • Anthony Albanese dodges lie question on breakfast TV

    Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has dodged questions about claims he lied about not being allowed to address a crowd at a violence against women rally in Canberra on Sunday.

    He eventually did speak at the event, and told the 5,000-strong crowd he'd been informed earlier it "wasn't possible" for him to do so.

    Organise Sarah Williams said Albanese's claim was "disgraceful", calling him "a man with power trying to diminish a vulnerable young woman".

    Appearing on ABC News Breakfast on Monday morning, Albanese was offered a right of reply by host Michael Rowland, however he merely said he was "very pleased to participate".

    He failed to tell Rowland whether or not he'd since been in touch with Williams.

    "Look, I wish Sarah well. She did very well in organising the rallies, as did everyone there," he said.

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    Anthony Albanese was pressed on claims by Sarah Williams, however offered very little. Source: ABC
    Anthony Albanese was pressed on claims by Sarah Williams, however offered very little. Source: ABC

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