Bachelorette's Darvid shares 'insane' 25kg transformation: 'Inspiring'

The Bachelorette winner Darvid Garayeli has shared photos of his ‘insane transformation' over the years.

Posting three photos on Instagram, the star showed off his muscular form after losing 25kg in six months by getting into an exercise regime.

The Bachelorette star smiles at the camera in a flannel shirt
The Bachelorette star Darvid Garayeli has shared his incredible transformation. Photo: Instagram/darvgarayeli

“Transformation Tuesday - feeling pretty awesome. Crazy what you can achieve in just a few months,” he began.

“The second picture is me earlier this year, I’d been out of routine for a while off the back of The Bachelorette, giving up my physical job and moving cities.”


The last photo showed how unfit Darvid was in his final year of high school, with the star saying the image pushed him to make some lifestyle changes.

“When I saw that photo, I woke up the next day and changed everything, losing 25kg over six months,” he wrote.

L: Darvid Garayeli as a teenager in swimming trunks. R: Darvid Garayeli shirtless wearing a face mask
The star was 25kg heavier when he was at school. Photo: Instagram/darvgarayeli

Darvid admitted the key to his success has largely been driven by not ‘focusing on how he looks’, but instead just ‘enjoying training’.

He also addressed the reason why he was wearing a Lush Sticks face mask, saying that he wasn’t planning on sharing the photo.

“I just thought f**k it, hopefully it kicks someone into gear to take the first step, whatever that may be. You'll feel so much better for it,” he added.

“Exercise has played a huge role for the entirety of my adult life, it’s the one thing I struggle without,” he told fans. “Thanks for listening. Excited for what’s to come.”

Darvid Garayeli and Brooke Blurton on The Bachelorette
Darvid shot to fame on The Bachelorette, but has since split with Brooke Blurton. Photo: Ten

Fans went wild for Darvid’s transformation, calling it ‘impressive’ and ‘insane’.

“Wow. Insane transformation. So inspiring. Love it, well done!” a fan wrote.

“Holy abdominals! Props to you mate, the hard work always pays off,” added a second.

“You look totally incredible as always, and f**k the face mask, we all do it! Be so proud mate! Thanks for sharing, it’s your motivation that will inspire another human,” another remarked.

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