Bali tourist's warning after 'terrifying' Airbnb ordeal: 'Triple check'

The photos of the Airbnb which the woman was shown are vastly different to what she was greeted with.

An influencer who expected to arrive at a luxurious Airbnb after touching down in Bali has been dished the shock of a lifetime after opening the front door to a dark, decrepit "prison cell".

Posting to TikTok, UK travel blogger Hatty Morgan said that based on the photos she'd seen online when booking the spot, she'd expected a stylish holiday rental, but when she arrived, found "hell".

In the video, Ms Morgan first shows what she had expected the villa to look like: an upscale sun-soaked space with modern amenities overlooking a luscious green paddock. Then, the footage pans to the reality shot, which is far different from the first.

A view of a dark, dirty AirBnb is seen on TikTok.
An influencer has shared shocking footage of her "prison cell" AirBnb rental, that was advertised as a luxurious holiday getaway. Source: TikTok.

Walked into 'hell'

Grey walls are seen in a damp-looking dark room that features dusty floors and unkempt furniture. Users quickly flocked to the comments to share in the influencer's shock.

"That is just terrifying," one said. "Always check the reviews and never stay somewhere with none," another warned. "Someone for sure used AI to make it seem wholesome," a person said.

"The way my jaw hit the floor when I saw those pictures of the real one," another person said.

A view of a bright, stylish AirBnb is seen on TikTok.
The UK woman's AirBnb as advertised online. Source: TikTok.

Though unfortunate, misleading Airbnb adverts are relatively common, with people from all over the world sharing their own horrifying stories of deception online.

Not the first shocking AirBnb discovery

Earlier this year, a woman claimed to have made a shocking discovery at an Airbnb rental where she was staying with a group of friends after one admitted to feeling like they were "being watched" during their stay.

Kennedy, from Canada, detailed the terrifying ordeal in a now-viral video on TikTok where she claimed to have discovered a hidden camera in a power outlet in the home's bathroom.

She said her friend began searching the property after announcing she felt "paranoid" and proceeded to check "every shower head, all the picture frames, doorknobs, everywhere in the house for a camera". Kennedy said she thought her friend was "being dramatic" — until the shock find.

The woman claimed a small camera had been installed into an electrical outlet in the bathroom which the girls has been using the night before.

Filming a close-up of the power point, which allegedly "faced directly into the shower", the TikTok creator pointed to one hole which appeared to have the tiny black camera inside it.

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