Banished Traitors star reveals mistakes he made that led to axing

The Traitors star Ross Carson has said he did not have enough time to formulate a game plan after he was recruited.

The 28-year-old video director from Lancashire spent most of his time on the BBC reality show as a faithful but was recruited by the traitors in the final leg of the show.

He was banished by the rest of the group just hours later in Wednesday’s episode, when he revealed the secret that his mother Diane had also been a contestant on the show.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, he said: “There just wasn’t enough time to implement a game plan.

The Traitors
Ross (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

“I had all these thoughts in my head of what I was going to do – then I sit down at breakfast and Zack is straight in there.

“I couldn’t have a sip of coffee. I need sustenance just to get the brain ticking and when you’ve got someone gunning for you straight away, it was hard to be in that situation and get your game plan sorted in such a short space of time.”

He added that it was “silly” that he had not watched the first series of the hit show before taking part.

Ross and Diane had kept it a secret from the rest of the contestants that they were mother and son.

Asked if he ever accidentally called her “mum”, he said: “I never did it. It wasn’t hard.

The Traitors
Diane (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

“I genuinely thought that was going to be something, especially in challenges where you’re lured into a false sense of security and there’s other stuff going on, maybe just a slip of the tongue, but it was surprisingly easy to call her Diane.

“Does that say something? I don’t really know.”

Ross added it was “easy” to switch from being a faithful to a traitor, adding: “I think in some ways, I probably should have been a traitor.

“On my application I said I wanted to be a traitor. You have more fun. Well I didn’t, cos I was in it for 12 hours.”

He also revealed he headed straight to his mother’s house after he left the show, saying: “I just took a beeline to her house so we could have a little debrief and we stayed up til four or five in the morning just chatting about it.

“Which was so lovely because the other contestants don’t get that, they go back to their families and they ask how it was, but if you’re not in the situation, it’s not a real debrief.

“We got to analyse it and we’re very competitive people so at the start it was nice and then it was like ‘What could we have done better to win the game?'”

The Traitors continues on Thursday night at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.