All of Barry Keoghan's films and TV shows

barry keoghan films and tv shows
All of Barry Keoghan's films and TV showsWarner Bros.

Everyone has been talking about Barry Keoghan since his iconic role as Oliver in Saltburn, starring alongside Jacob Elordi. But, what other TV shows and films has he been in?

The Irish actor first appeared on screen back in 2011 for a small roles in Fair City and Between The Canals, and since then, he's starred in even more projects and worked with the likes of Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Harry Styles and more. Seriously impressive!

We don't expect the hype around Barry to go down anytime soon, so if you fancy seeing him on screen again, here is every single TV show and film that Barry Keoghan has starred in. A word of warning, though, don't watch them all with your mum!

Fair City (2011)

At 18-years-old, Barry made his acting debut in Irish soap opera, Fair City, which follows the lives of a community who live and work in the fictional Dublin suburb of Carrigstown.

Between The Canals (2011)

This independent film follows three small-time criminals from Dublin who aspire to move up the pecking order, with Barry playing the role of Aido in the Irish crime thriller.

Stalker (2012)

barry keoghan stalker
Stalker Films

A baby-faced Barry starred in this feature film, which follows a homeless man suffering from mental health issues who tries to save his new friend from drug dealers that make his life a living hell.

Stay (2013)

In this romance drama, we meet a couple named Abby and Dermot who move to the Irish countryside to start a new life. But, their happiness doesn't last long as when she finds out that she is pregnant, he shows no interest in becoming a father.

Love/Hate (2013)

Barry played Wayne in this series, which also starred Robert Sheehan, Charlie Murphy and Aidan Gillen. Here, we follow the organised crime scene of Dublin and meet Darren, who wants to stay out of trouble but ends up returning to his old habits and gang.

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'71 (2014)

a person sitting on a chair holding a gun

This critically-acclaimed film stars Barry alongside Jack O'Connell and Sam Reid, and follows a British soldier in 1971 as he's accidentally abandoned by his unit following a deadly riot on the streets of Belfast.

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Norfolk (2015)

This thriller sees a teenage boy and his mercenary father living a simple life in Norfolk, when out of nowhere, the father is given a final, deadly mission that threatens to destroy not just the target, but the love between a father and his son. A super intense watch!

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Traders (2015)

Another psychological thriller from Barry follows an unemployed man who gets drawn into an internet game in which people in need of money sell their possessions and fight each other to the death, with the winner taking everything.

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Mammal (2015)

barry keoghan mammal
Fastnet Films

Here, we meet a bereaved mother and divorcee who meets Joe, played by Barry, a young homeless man who she generously offers him her spare room.

But, their developing, unorthodox relationship is threatened by her ex husband's grief-driven rage and Joe's involvement with a violent gang.

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Light Thereafter (2017)

Barry stars as Pavel, an emotionally volatile and socially alienated man who sets off across Europe in search of his idol, the enigmatic painter Arnaud. Soon, he attaches himself to the host of characters he meets along the way.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

This psychological thriller (we're seeing a theme here!) sees Barry star alongside Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman, and follows a surgeon who takes Martin, played by Barry, under his wing but comes to learn a sinister truth about the young boy.

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Dunkirk (2017)

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YouTube/Warner Bros

Starring Barry, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Harry Styles, this movie is set during World War II and sees soldiers from the British Empire, Belgium and France try to evacuate from the town of Dunkirk during a battle with German forces. A must watch!

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American Animals (2018)

In this docu-drama, Barry plays Spencer, one of four young men who attempt one of the most audacious heists in US history. This one also stars Evan Peters and Blake Jenner.

Black 47 (2018)

Set in Ireland during the Great Famine, Barry plays Hobson in the drama which follows an Irish Ranger who has been fighting for the British Army abroad, as he abandons his post to reunite with his family.

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Calm With Horses (2019)

barry keoghan calm with horses

This Irish crime drama follows an ex-boxer, Douglas 'Arm' Armstrong, who has become the feared enforcer for the drug-dealing Devers family, while also trying to be a good father to his autistic five-year-old son, Jack. A powerful watch!

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The Green Knight (2021)

This drama stars Barry alongside Dev Patel and Alicia Vikander, and follows Sir Gawain, King Arthur's young nephew, as he embarks on a journey to defeat Green Knight, facing ghosts, thieves, giants and more along the way.

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Eternals (2021)

Barry entered the MCU as Druig in Eternals, where he starred alongside Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan and more. Here, we follow a race of immortal, superhuman being reunite to battle evil.

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The Batman (2022)

the batman barry keoghan
Warner Bros.

Now, this is a super brief role but Barry played the Joker alongside Robert Pattinson's Batman in the DC film. He's remained pretty tight-lipped about returning at the iconic villain in a sequel, so we'll have to wait and see!

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The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)

This critically-acclaimed, award-winning film is set on a remote, Irish island in the 1920s and stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as two lifelong friends who find themselves at an impasse.

Watch The Banshees of Inisherin on Disney+

Top Boy (2023)

Say hello to Jonny, the Irish gangster in the fifth and final season of Top Boy. Barry starred alongside Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson in the series, which sees him threaten the power and business of the feared London drug dealers.

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Saltburn (2023)

how to watch saltburn uk
Warner Bros.

The film that has had everyone talking about Barry is Saltburn, where he stars alongside Jacob Elordi. He plays Oliver, a poor university student who is taken under the wing of his friend, Felix. But, a series of horrifying events soon engulfs Felix's family.

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Masters of the Air (2024)

Finally, Barry plays Lt. Curtis Biddick in this new Apple TV+ series, starring Austin Butler and Callum Turner.

Here, we follow airmen during During World War II who risk their lives with the 100th Bomb Group, a brotherhood forged by courage, loss and triumph. Catch it on 26th January!

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