Baseball team accused of fat-shaming after naming mascot 'Ozempig' after weight-loss drug

A US baseball team has been accused of fat-shaming after it named its pig mascot after weight-loss drug Ozempic.

St Paul Saints chose Ozempig from nearly 2,300 names submitted by fans, joking that the pig was ashamed of gaining weight and had promised to slim down.

Ozempic is intended for diabetics but is sometimes prescribed for weight loss as it can help people feel fuller for longer.

It has become popular after being promoted by certain celebrities and influencers.

However, the Minnesota team's selection didn't go down well with some on social media.

"I wouldn't make fun of people's weight and diabetics. It just feels a bit cruel. Maybe time for a marketing meeting to figure this out y'all," said one reply on the team's Facebook page.

"It's insensitive to people struggling with their weight among other things," said another.

But another fan said people were overreacting: "I'm a type II Diabetic, was prescribed Ozempic for a long time and I am not the least bit offended!"

The team's media relations boss, Sean Aronson, said they had no intention of mocking people who are trying to lose weight.

"I can tell you there was no ill-intent, there was no maliciousness," he said.

"There was never even a discussion in the room when we were going over the name that, hey, this may offend some people."

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Mr Aronson said he understood why some people were upset but that they had decided to stick with Ozempig.

"We knew how we originally came up with the name and we're good with it but we did discuss it and decided we're going to keep it," he said.

A pig mascot is a regular fixture at the team's ground and carries out balls for the umpire.

It becomes visibly larger during the season and a younger pig normally takes over half way through.