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Beat the freeze: These fleece-lined leggings are 'amazingly flattering' — and just $20 (that's 50% off)

I have zero tolerance for the cold, and am shivering just thinking about the freezing temperatures outside right now. Luckily I've found a secret to staying truly, deeply warm, no matter how cold it gets this winter — my fleece-lined Iuga leggings. (In fact, I have them on right now!) Last year, I lived in these top-sellers from late October through early April, staying blissfully cozy and incredibly comfy. But these high-waisted leggings have a few more tricks up their pant leg: Thanks to light compression and a hidden tummy-control panel, they keep everything looking slim, trim and sucked in. It's the best of all possible worlds. And it gets even better: Right now, these soft, warm Iuga leggings are on sale in black for half price, down from $40 to just $20, with the on-page coupon. Slip into a pair, and you'll instantly understand why 7,400+ five-star Amazon shoppers are hooked. And why I'm totally obsessed.

Warm without being bulky, these flattering fleece-lined leggings will make you love winter — or at least tolerate it better. Add the on-page coupon for max savings!

Save $20 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

At a mere $20 in black (down from $40) and available in sizes XS to 3XL, these snuggly leggings will save you a sweet 50% when you add the on-page coupon. We doubt the price will go much lower, so now's the time to stock up. By the way, for only a few bucks more, these leggings are available in 10 other colors. Take a look.

Why do I need these?

If you've committed to weave more exercise into your life — especially with New Year's resolutions still fresh — these supportive yet stretchy leggings can help you stick to your plan. They're great for random acts of yoga or, if you're like me, rolling around with kids and pets. Also, if you are not like me, they're just right for long runs in the cold. They keep everything high and tight!

Oh, wait! Did I mention these fleece-lined beauties have deep pockets? The only days I don't misplace my iPhone are the days I'm wearing these. My phone fits fully and securely inside the pocket and never slips out when I bend over or go to the loo. Attention: Pockets are much deeper than they appear in photos. Seriously!

And these leggings are durable. The two pairs I picked up last year are still in excellent shape, but with the current drop in temps, I'm going back for a third. (Again, I live in these.) See, I grew up romping around the Deep South, barefoot and in tank tops year-round. When I moved north, I resented bulky, restrictive winter clothing. Now, I'm finally getting the hang of this dressing-for-winter thing. These svelte little leggings let me move unencumbered and stay warm!

someone doing a yoga pose in the snow while wearing the black leggings
From the first freeze til the final thaw, these top-selling fleece-lined Iuga leggings have got you. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Some 7,400 five-star Amazon reviewers (myself included) are gaga for these Iugas. "These pants have an amazingly flattering fit," wrote one fan. "They are warm for winter walks outside and are still sleek. The warmth doesn’t cause them to make the legs bulky. They are my new favorite pant."

Other shoppers are equally thrilled with how they keep out the cold and stay secure (and suck everything in): "These are fantastic!" wrote a shopper. "I’m a runner, and with the temps falling in New England, I wanted to find a warmer pair of leggings. I’m a mom of two and prefer something high-waisted, and pockets are a must ... The best part is they don’t move when I run. No constantly hiking them up. The first day I had them, I ran a 10K and did another 5K today and just love them so much."

A fellow superfan wrote: "I pretty much only take them off to wash them so I can put them back on. I wear them constantly. They're warm without being bulky. ... If you're on the fence, JUST BUY THE DAMN PANTS! I'm also obsessed with the pockets on both sides. They fit my iPhone with room to spare, and it's never slipped out even when I'm sitting, crawling around playing with my dogs, etc. I'm so spoiled now that I'm replacing all my other yoga pants with ones that have pockets."

One thing to note if you're on the shorter side, like this reviewer: "My only complaint is that they are quite long and bunch a little around my ankles, but that’s my height’s problem, not the leggings." Clearly not a deal-breaker, because they headlined the review "great leggings!"

Get 'em in 11 colors. Your best savings will be in the black shade (half price), but you won't pay more than $32 for a pair, no matter which hue you choose.

$32 at Amazon

And for even more fleecy goodness, this fuzzy hoodie is another cold-weather fave:

Impossibly cozy, this pullover feels like a warm hug.

$36 at Amazon

“It's so fluffy!” raved a fan. “It fits exactly the way I wanted it to — a bit baggy but not too huge where I'm swimming in it. The material is so nice, my dogs have been wanting to cuddle with me since I've worn it. Definitely will buy more in different colors.”

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