The Beckhams recreate viral moment from Netflix documentary in Super Bowl teaser

David and Victoria Beckham have recreated a viral scene from the former footballer’s hit Netflix docu-series in a teaser for an upcoming Super Bowl advert.

The four-part series, released in 2023, includes a clip – that was shared across social media – in which David is seen peeking out from behind a door to tell his wife to “be honest” after she says they are both “very working class”.

After David asks Victoria to reveal the car her father drove her to school in, she responds and says: “In the 80s my dad had a Rolls-Royce.”

Uber Eats Super Bowl teaser
David Beckham tells his wife Victoria to ‘be honest’ (Uber Eats/PA)

In a new teaser for an upcoming Uber Eats advert, which will air during the Super Bowl on February 11, Victoria makes reference to the moment by donning a T-shirt that says “My dad had a Rolls-Royce”.

In the 35-second clip, the couple have a similar interaction to the one in the documentary and Victoria tells the camera: “David and I are going to be in a little commercial.”

David then appears from behind a wall to tell Victoria: “Be honest, be honest.”

Victoria says “Okay, it’s a big commercial” and David says “Tell them what it’s during”.

The fashion designer says she is “trying” before David says: “No, tell them what it’s during.”

Victoria then reveals that the commercial will air during the “big baseball game”, actually referring to the Super Bowl, which is the National Football League’s annual championship game in America.

David then says “And tell them about Jessica Aniston” – seemingly in reference to Friends star Jennifer Aniston – and Victoria says: “Jessica Aniston is going to be in it too.”

The video ends with the words “Whatever you forget this Sunday, remember Uber Eats.”

A-listers are regular features in the advertisements that air during the annual championship NFL game.

In 2023, Sir Elton John was seen feuding with singer and rapper Jack Harlow in an advert for Doritos, while celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appeared in a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts.

The original clip in which David tells his wife to “be honest” appears in docu-series Beckham, which was released onto streaming service Netflix in October and takes a look into the former footballer’s career, as well as his romance with wife Victoria, who was a part of 90s girl group The Spice Girls.