Becky G reveals why she is working out 'more than ever' before: 'It matters!'

Becky G is "working out more than ever" before.
The 26-year-old singer has turned to strict fitness regimes in the last few years and has even surprised herself with her dedication but has learned how important it is to keep her diet and overall health in check.
She told E! News: "Health and wellness is something that, as I've gotten older, I've dedicated myself to more. For me, prioritising routine—and it's very hard with what I do—but finding ways to do things for me because I do so much for everybody else around me. I love working out now more than ever. Three years ago, there was a version of me that would never say that. But what I put into my body matters, so I try to be as healthy as I possibly can."
The 'Mamii' hitmaker has been in showbusiness since she was a teenager and went on to explain that because of how long she has been in the industry, she has had to learn that her "self-worth" does not come from other people.
She added: "I grew up in this industry at a young age and you have to go through that journey of: 'Am I doing this for me' or 'am I doing this for others?' So much of your self-worth is based off of what others think of you—and you learn that's not healthy.
"I know at the end of the day who benefits from a healthier me the most—myself. Eventually, if you dedicate yourself to it, you will have lived your life longer with this habit than you ever did without it. At least, that's the way I like to think about it."