Bella Thorne praised Julia Roberts and Madonna for their armpit hair

Bella Thorne has praised Julia Roberts and Madonna for their armpit hair.

The 21-year-old singer-and-actress shared a gallery of pictures, the first shows the iconic moment when the actress waved at fans with her underarm hair in full view during the red carpet for the 'Notting Hill' premiere in 1999, the second is a snap of the Queen of Pop unapologetically posing with her body hair on display, and suggested they are inspirational to her.

The series of pictures ended with an image of Bella performing on stage raising her arms at the crowd so her body hair could be seen, and the 'Shake it Off' star captioned the photos: "Beautiful in every way."

Despite the 'Duff' actress praising Julia for her famous moment, the actress recently admitted that she wasn't making a "statement" at the event - and insisted the choice to skip the shave was just because she assumed her sleeves would be long enough to cover her armpits.

Julia previously said: "The picture is vivid in my mind actually from that moment. I think I just hadn't really calculated my sleeve length and the waving, and how those two things would go together and reveal personal things about me.

"So it wasn't so much a statement as it's just part of the statement I make as a human on the planet, for myself."

Meanwhile, Bella recently admitted her current relationship has changed her outlook on life because her boyfriend Mod Sun is such a positive person.

She said: "Meeting someone that's just so happy, you know that's kind of his whole thing, and for me [as] someone who's a little bit glass half empty, it really is nice for me to have someone on my back that's like, 'No, it's good, it's good, it's good,' even when it's bad.

"You're always your harshest critic.

"[But now] when I see me going toward the negative I'm like ,'Bella, go toward the positive."