Ben Affleck Challenges Tom Brady to a Football Toss on Set of Dunkin’s Super Bowl Commercial

In the Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial, Affleck, Brady and Matt Damon form a boy band called the DunKings



Tom Brady in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial.

Ben Affleck's aim could use some work.

In Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial, Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady form a boy band called the DunKings. Following the fan-favorite ad, Dunkin’ shared a TikTok video featuring behind-the-scenes shenanigans from the commercial shoot day.

The video starts with a shot of a hanging donut cut-out meant to toss a football through. The New England-charged power trio stand around as Affleck initiates the game.

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“I’m going to show you what’s up. I could’ve gotten drafted if Tom hadn’t gotten drafted ahead of me,” he jokes. “Ready?”

He misses the donut toss as the football veers to the left completely away from the hole. But’s he’s not ready to give up. “Right through the Dunkin’. You ready?” he throws another toss just missing the donut again.

Affleck and Damon toss several tries but to no avail. They all miss the hole.

<p>Dunkin'</p> Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial.


Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial.

Brady then puts his years of quarterback experience to the test. He steps up to toss the football into the donut hole. Affleck hilariously stands in the back to try to mess up his turn. “No, I don’t want to hurt your hands!” says Brady, who’s wearing retro, orange-tinted glasses.

No surprise, Brady's first shot makes it straight through followed by another, and another. “Woah!” the DunKings bandmates cheer.

He spirals the football several more times straight through the suspended donut. Affleck and Damon look on in amazement. Damon steals the ball back from Brady to give himself one more chance. To everyone’s excitement, he makes it.

The trio then celebrate their hilarious commercial and smile for a selfie.

<p>Dunkin'</p> Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial


Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial

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In Dunkin’s 2024 Super Bowl commercial, the three all come together for Boston’s favorite coffee brand — and crash Jennifer Lopez’s recording session in the process.

At a music studio, an assistant whispers in Lopez’s ear, “He’s here.” Lopez looks concerned, “No.” Affleck storms into the recording studio, wearing a "DunKings" tracksuit complete with the brand’s signature pink and orange colors.

“What up! For your consideration, here comes the Boston Massacre. The DunKings!” he says, announcing the name of the band.

As Lopez hides her face in embarrassment, Brady and Damon are revealed to be the other DunKings band members.

Jaw fully dropped, Lopez is speechless at their performance.

“We talked about this,” she scolds her husband. Damon awkwardly sips his coffee — which is complete with the new Munchkins Skewers. In a shock ending, Lopez asks one member to hang back — not Affleck. “Tom? You can stay,” she says to the former New England Patriots quarterback.

<p>Dunkin'</p> Ben Affleck in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial


Ben Affleck in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial

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The spot closes with Affleck and Damon walking outside. “Remember when I told you I’d do anything for you?” Damon asks his longtime friend. “This is anything.”

“Chill," Affleck responds, "they’re naming a drink after us."

Dropping Monday, Feb. 12, Affleck’s drink is made of his "go-to order" — iced coffee with cream and notes of vanilla, and topped with sweet cold foam and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

The DunKings menu will also feature the Munchkins Skewers seen in the commercial. It's three assorted Munchkins on a stick, which can be added to any beverage (like olives on a martini) — or can be ordered on its own.

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