Ben Napier Reveals Trick for Burning Weeds on New “Home Town ”— and Erin Admits It Looks ‘Satisfying’ (Exclusive)

Ben Napier Reveals Trick for Burning Weeds on New “Home Town ”— and Erin Admits It Looks ‘Satisfying’ (Exclusive)

Ben shows Erin “an old farming trick” in a clip from Sunday’s episode

Ben Napier tackles a “major weed situation” in Sunday’s new episode of Home Town.

In the exclusive clip above, Ben is performing lawn maintenance while restoring a home for their latest client, a woman who’s completely turned her life around and is buying her first house.

As Ben waves his torch above the front steps, Erin Napier asks, “Okay, so you’re just burning the weeds on the brick, right?”

“This is an old farming trick,” Ben replies.

When Erin asks if Ben is “having fun,” her husband bluntly responds, “No.”

However, Ben goes on to explain why torching weeds is so effective.

“Here’s the thing, if you mow over them, it scatters the seeds and then you’ve got more,” he says.

After Erin wants to make sure he’ll be careful, Ben assures her, “I’ve got a 5 gallon bucket of water.”

<p>HGTV</p> Ben Napier torches weeds at the home of their latest client.


Ben Napier torches weeds at the home of their latest client.

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Erin finally admits that burning off the overgrowth “does look kind of satisfying” — even though she doesn’t want to try it herself.

“This is the handiest and coolest tool ever,” Ben says, adding that the torch can be used to light a barbecue grill or even to aid in a “zombie apocalypse.”

“Weeds taking over the sidewalk? You’re ready,” Erin says. “World’s biggest crème brûlée? You’re ready.”

In last week’s episode of the HGTV series, the couple returned to Jones College, the school where they met and fell in love as students in 2004.

“We had our first date in the student union,” Erin said of their alma mater, which is about 13 minutes from where they reside in Laurel, Miss. “Everyone on both sides of our family went to school here.”

<p>HGTV</p> Erin Napier isn't interested in trying out the torch.


Erin Napier isn't interested in trying out the torch.

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The project, which Erin called a “homecoming” for the couple, involved restoring a house on campus for two other alums, Ginny and Jon Ryan.

“We’ve been talking to our old friends from college,” Ben said. “They’re going to be involved in this.”

“We get to time travel,” Erin added. “We get to be 19 and 21-year-old Erin and Ben again.”

Erin and Ben previously reminisced about when their paths first crossed at Jones.

"I remember seeing Erin the first week of school," Ben told PEOPLE. "She was walking across the student union, and she had a pixie haircut. I didn't know what a pixie cut was at the time, but I knew I liked it."

The couple, who tied the knot in 2008 and now have two children together, 6-year-old Helen and 2-year-old Mae, celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in November.

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"I sometimes think of all the people in the world and how the earth is just this tiny dusty speck in the universe," Erin wrote in an Instagram tribute. "And somehow, we managed to find each other."

"Thank you, Lord, for 15 years in a marriage that feels like home and comfort and assurance and strength and LOVE," the post continued. "We are so lucky to have found each other young and grown up around each other, forming these identities. I love you, 🥹❤️"

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