Best Actor nominee Paul Mescal ate same meal ‘50 days in a row’ during theatre run out of ‘superstition’

Paul Mescal ate the same meal “50 days in a row” during his theatre stint in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.
The 27-year-old ‘Normal People’ actor – nominated for Best Actor at this year’s Oscars for playing a stressed dad in ‘Aftersun’ – is said to have stuck to the same dinner when playing Stanley Kowalski in the revival of Tennessee Williams’ 1947 play at the Almeida Theatre out of “superstition”.
Restaurateur Thomasina Miers told the Mail on Sunday about him coming to one of the London branches of her Mexican restaurant chain every night while playing the role: “He’s got that superstitious thing. He had the same food for about 50 days in a row!”
His meal was said to have included chicken quesadilla, two chicken tacos, patatas bravas and a Coke.
The play’s first week of performances at the Almeida in December were cancelled when injured actress Lydia Wilson withdrew from the role of Blanche.
Its press night was also delayed – but and it opened to critical acclaim in January.
Earlier this month, Paul’s mum Dearbhla – who is having chemotherapy for a type of bone marrow cancer – revealed he sticks to a “strict routine” and superstitions to get in character.
She said : “You have to be in it. He’s very routined. And the routine of theatre (suits him), yes. Because it is different to film.
“You know I know nothing about film, but theatre is, you know – he gets up, goes to the same place to get his breakfast and coffee and then he goes to the gym and arrives at theatre and meets the same people.
“And the routine, it is just all about the routine. And there is nearly a superstition, they do a bit of boxing and all that stuff on stage. It is very interesting.”