Beware Of Post-Thanksgiving 'Brown Friday' AKA Plumbers' Busiest Day Of The Year

For those who think their kitchen takes the biggest beating on Thanksgiving, your plumber would like to have a word. It turns out that bathrooms and laundry areas also get pretty worn down during the holiday. In fact, the day after Thanksgiving has become so notorious for plumbers that it's been dubbed "Brown Friday."

And the numbers don't lie. Roto-Rooter, a plumbing repair and drain services company, revealed that on the day after Thanksgiving they experience a 50% increase in call volume over an average Friday. With many people filling their drains with starchy food like mashed potatoes and stuffing, it makes sense that there would be way more backed-up pipes that usual.

"Extra guests mean more toilet flushes, showers, dishwasher and laundry loads, and garbage disposal usage. Simply put, Thanksgiving puts a heavy strain on American plumbing systems and it keeps our plumbers super busy the next day," said Paul Abrams, Roto-Rooter spokesman in a statement.

If you prefer Black Friday over Brown Friday (and we certainly hope you do!), Roto-Rooter provided some helpful tips on how you can keep your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas clog-free this Thanksgiving.

  • Never pour grease, turkey drippings or cooking oil down drains. They solidify in pipes like candle wax and choke drains.

  • Don't put potato peels, poultry skins, bones, rice or pasta down the garbage disposal. Disposals can handle small quantities of scraps, but most food should go into the trash can or compost pile.

  • Make sure the garbage disposal is running when you add food scraps.

  • Don't flush wet wipes down toilets. Most won't dissolve and may clog drainpipes and sewers.

  • Place plungers in guest bathrooms to save guests the embarrassment of asking for one.

  • Spread out showers and laundry loads so pipes have time to drain.

May your Friday after Thanksgiving be filled with doorbusters instead of bursting pipes. Best of luck!

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