Big Brother fans left unhappy with new format: 'Wannabe Love Island'

Fans aren't happy with the forced 'showmances' the new season is promising.

Big Brother fans were left less than impressed when the new season premiered last night, with many taking to social media to complain that the new format was a try-hard attempt at dating show Love Island.

The new season has introduced us to a bunch of sexy singles who are ready to mingle, compete in challenges, and avoid eviction, but fans aren't all that happy with the premise.

Big Brother 2023 two housemates in challenge
Big Brother 2023. Photo: Seven

With a lot of good-looking twenty-somethings put under one roof, it's almost guaranteed there'll be some spicy romances and dramatic breakups, but with so many dating shows existing, Big Brother fans have called out the new format and begged for the show to bring 'regular people' back.

Many fans are complaining that they don't tune into Big Brother to watch people flirt with each other or fall in love — they enjoy seeing regular people with 'personalities' play the game.

'Try hard TikTok duds'

"I watch BB to see a diverse group of people get tormented and backstab each other," one person tweeted.

Others complained about the new format being a Love Island 'wannabe'.

"I loved BB," one person said on Facebook. "I’m watching it now and not a fan so far."

"Agree!" one person replied. "Bring back the normal Aussies!"

Big Brother 2023
Big Brother fans are unhappy with the new season so far. Photo: Seven


"My kids love watching Big Brother," another said. "Very disappointed that it’s not family-friendly."

"Love Big Brother, but not watching this one," another person commented. "Can you axe it and bring back regular Big Brother?"

"I just want them to play the game," another fan complained. "I don't want to see all these showmances."

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