Big Changes Are Coming To 'The Bear' In Season 2

the bear season 2
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Order up. Whether you’re an amateur restaurateur, you have your own PTSD from working in the restaurant industry, or you're just a big TV fan, there’s a good chance you’ve seen—and devoured—The Bear. Set in Chicago, the series follows renowned chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto after the unexpected death of his brother leads him to take over his greasy sandwich shop back home. With stellar performances from Jeremy Allen White as Carmy and Ayo Edebiri as sous chef Sydney Adamu, the series’s first season won over a ravenous viewership in summer 2022.

If you’re hungry for more lovable chaos from The Original Beef crew, then you’re in luck. The series has officially announced a Season 2 release date, along with a trailer that serves as the perfect amuse-bouche for all of the comedy, trouble, and compelling drama that’s sure to ensue.

Though many details of The Bear Season 2 are still under wraps, we’ve been able to gather some key details on what we can expect—and what others have predicted—about new season. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Bear Season 2: Release Date, How To Stream

According to Variety, Season 2 will premiere on Thursday, June 22, exclusively on Hulu. The season will be served up all at once, with a 10-course lineup of episodes dropped the same day. So, if you’re hungry to see what’s to come of Carmy, Syd, and company, you can make your way through the entire season in one sitting.

What We Know So Far

As of right now, it seems that The Bear's showrunners are currently working to keep details of Season 2 under wraps. But we do know that change is in the air. With the end of last season concluding with Carmy discovering a large sum of money left for him by his brother—leading him to officially decide to open The Bear—we know that we can expect some major renovations at the top of Season 2.

In the Season 2 trailer, we see the crew working to transform The Original Beef into The Bear, and debating over whether it’s just a “facelift” or “a gut.” (We have a feeling this might be foreshadowing for some major upheaval from within.)

Variety also shared the Season 2 logline, which says that “as they strip the restaurant down to its bones, the crew undertakes transformational journeys of their own, each forced to confront the past and reckon with who they want to be in the future.” The logline also reveals an emphasis upon hospitality, as characters are set to grapple with “what it means to be in service, both to diners and each other.”

Showrunner Christopher Storer previously chatted with Esquire about plans for Season 2, revealing some key focuses on how the crew will transform the restaurant without losing its charm. Among these concerns are: “How can we do this and maybe make some money? And maybe make it easier? And maybe—maybe—start from a place that’s not fucked?”

As for who will be within this crew, it appears that Carmy, Syd, and Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) will all be returning along with many familiar faces from The Original Beef.

The season will also feature some new faces. Esquire reports that Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) will appear as a guest star, though his role remains under wraps. Molly Gordon (Booksmart, Shiva Baby) is also set to join as a recurring character. Deadline reports that her role has not yet been revealed, but judging from the Season 2 trailer it seems that Gordon may arrive as an old flame of Carmy.

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The Bear Season 2 Predictions

While fans wait for the new season, many viewers’ insatiable appetite have led to making predictions as to what’s to come for our Chicago crew. Among the many plot points that could be explored, Screenrant reports that many are most excited by a potential romance between Carmy and Syd.

However, it seems that Edebiri and White are not “shipping” this hypothetical friends-to-lovers couple. “I know there are people who are very invested in that, and I understand and I appreciate it, but it was not that for me,” Edebiri told Variety. Likewise, White told W Magazine that this trajectory would sully what he loves about the duo’s relationship. "I hope for Sydney’s sake that’s not going to be explored in later seasons. I just love their relationship [as it is]: the amount of respect they have for one another, and that they have a shared history, even if it’s not together,” said White. “They’ve been through similar traumas and they really see one another. To add romance or sexuality would monkey up what I enjoy about their relationship."

Not much else can be gleaned about the series so far. But, based on the many new faces interviewing for jobs at The Bear in the Season 2 trailer, we're sure to get a whole new menu of storylines and cast dynamics.

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