Big storms to kick off week in South Florida

Portions of South Florida will be at risk for dangerous thunderstorms into Monday evening, AccuWeather meteorologists warn. However, storm-free conditions will follow for much of the rest of the week.

The storms will fire up on the tail end of a cool front pushing southeastward. Before the front moves out to sea, daytime warmth will allow thunderstorms to erupt and turn severe.

Cities at risk along South Florida's Interstate 95 corridor include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. Thunderstorms are expected to remain to the south and east of locations such as Tampa, Orlando and the Space Coast. A few storms may be heavy and gusty for a time in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida.

The main threats from these storms will be high winds and torrential downpours that can lead to brief urban flooding. The storms will also be intense enough to produce hail that could cover the ground. A few storms could produce hail large enough to break windows and dent vehicles.

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Any severe thunderstorm has the potential to produce a brief tornado or waterspout.

All thunderstorms carry the potential for lightning strikes with little notice. Some storms may produce frequent lightning strikes, adding to the danger.

People spending time outdoors, such as on the beach, at the golf course, boating or working, should be prepared to seek shelter.

As the storms approach airports, airline delays, such as ground stops, may occur.

In the wake of the storms and the front, temperatures will be shaved by several degrees, and humidity levels will drop beginning late Monday night.

Breezes from the northeast can not only add to the coolness but also make for choppy waters and rough surf on Tuesday.

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