Bikini influencer hits out at criticism over 'sickening' Taylor Swift concert outfit

"If you think your outfits are similar to Taylor's, you're delusional."

Karina Irby, who runs swimwear label Moana Bikini, has hit back at critics after being slammed over her Taylor Swift concert outfit after one of her followers described the look as "sickening".

The bikini influencer attended one of the superstar's Sydney shows and wore a high-cut, black sequinned bodysuit with 'rep' written across the chest, with a pair of chunky black boots.

Bikini influencer Karina Irby at Taylor Swift's Sydney concert
Bikini influencer Karina Irby has hit back after being slammed over her Taylor Swift concert outfit, which was labelled 'sickening' by one user. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

After sharing several videos and photos of her time at the concert, some of Karina's followers were less than complimentary of her outfit.

"Look I get it, it’s a concert, it’s a look 👀 but at the end of the day, you’re not the celebrity. And kids are there, some cute booty shorts would of went a long way [sic]," one user commented.

"Wtf is that outfit? Like…why?" another said.


Karina shared one comment that stood out, which read: "If you think your outfits are similar to Taylor's, you're delusional. Hers actually have some coverage and are full or boyleg cut. Not a fkn high rise full on G banger Brazilian. You have NO class and no respect and it's sickening. Wear this s**t on your OnlyFans, not to a concert filled with kids. You're a pathetic w****."

The influencer shared the comment and responded, "Never let ANYONE dim your sparkle. Posting this to show you that you don’t have to let the opinions of others ruin your day."

She continued, "I never would have thought my love and fandom would cause such a stir online. I low key thought you’d all be happy for me having such a lovely experience and sharing it. Ahhh the internet."

"Taylor and I are the same age. This is more of a concert for adults than children. We grew up quite literally with her. If you’re THAT concerned for “the children” restrain yourself from calling other women 'pathetic w****s' online. That would be an amazing start."

Karina also responded to people on another video, explaining she was wearing two pairs of leggings, adding, "Also… do your research before you try and trash me online. Taylor wears these bodysuits all the time (hence my fit) and lastly… HUNDREDS of other men and and women were/are wearing bodysuits with and without leggings, of all ages. So please…. And kindly… shut up and let me have my effing moment."


Many of her followers also defended the influencer, with one user writing, "Imagining getting that upset [about] what Karina is wearing?! If I looked that good I’d be wearing that too! The confidence you have is everything."

"In a safe space like The Eras Tour why wouldn’t you wear whatever the hell you want?" another asked.

"WOW, some of y'all out here displaying BIG CLOWN 🤡 ENERGY with these comments," a third said. "Karina looks 🔥 in this fit. Very normal fit for a big music event like this these days. Y'all seen any rave fits recently 🧐 seems like not! Go on @karinairby Slay lady slay!"

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