Bill Belichick's 3 Kids: All About Amanda, Steve and Brian

Bill Belichick's three children, Amanda, Steve and Brian, are all coaches, too

<p>Jim Davis/The Boston Globe/Getty</p> Bill Belichick and his son Steve on the field before Super Bowl LII in 2018

Jim Davis/The Boston Globe/Getty

Bill Belichick and his son Steve on the field before Super Bowl LII in 2018

Coaching runs in the Belichick family.

Bill Belichick is not only a Super Bowl-winning coach, but also a father of three. The New England Patriots head coach, who is reportedly parting ways with the team after 24 seasons, shares his daughter Amanda and sons Steve and Brian with his ex-wife, Debby Clarke Belichick.

Ahead of Super Bowl LI, the dad of three revealed that his own father had advised him not to get into coaching. However, Bill always encouraged his children to follow their passions — and they all became coaches, too.

“What I have always said to my kids or really any young people that have asked me that question is you have to follow your heart, do what your passion is. Don’t just take a job because it pays a little more money, just do what you want to do. Live out your dreams and try to achieve them,” Bill said at a New England Patriots media session in 2017.

The NFL coach added, “They are in what they do because that is what they want to do, it is not my decision. I don’t try to guide them into it, I don’t try to guide them out of it. I try to help them the best I can like any father would try to do for his children.”

Here is everything to know about Bill Belichick's kids.

Amanda Belichick

<p>Greg Trott/AP</p> Bill Belichick celebrates with his daughter Amanda Belichick after Super Bowl LI in 2017

Greg Trott/AP

Bill Belichick celebrates with his daughter Amanda Belichick after Super Bowl LI in 2017

Amanda is Bill’s eldest child and only daughter. She was born in 1984. According to her LinkedIn, she graduated in 2007 from Wesleyan University, where she earned a degree in history.

Amanda was a lacrosse coach at her alma mater before being named the head coach of the women's lacrosse team at the College of the Holy Cross in 2015. “The fact that she is in coaching creates a pretty interesting and special dynamic for us,” Bill told the Hartford Courant in 2013. “We’ll be together, just catching up and then the next thing we know we’re talking about our teams, our players, how to handle a variety of situations. So one minute it’s father-daughter and the next minute it’s just two coaches doing what any two coaches would do. Learn from each other, try to get better and continue meeting our daily challenges in competition.”

She confessed to Sports Illustrated in 2017 that her “intention was never to follow” in her father’s footsteps. “And yet, somehow I kind of have,” she said.

Amanda has previously told CBS News Boston that her father has “been a wonderful mentor” for her. She also spoke to ESPN about her coaching style in 2013, describing herself “as a smart player as opposed to a raw athlete.” Amanda explained that “growing up around sports and having that as a part of my life, I developed a skill and game sense that were kind of X factors and what I did well as a player.”

She continued, "And as a coach, I think my vision and creativity, and being able to dissect defenses and create plans, are what I'd consider my strengths."

Amanda met her husband, AJ DeSantis, online in 2014. The couple tied the knot in 2017 in Rhode Island. “We wanted a New England spot that we could go back to and that would become a special place for us,” she told Modern Luxury Weddings Boston. Bill walked his daughter down the aisle on her big day.

In 2018, Bill announced the arrival of Amanda and AJ’s daughter Jaycee. Per NFL Insider for ESPN Field Yates, the football head coach said, “I couldn't be more excited to have a second granddaughter. Our family is truly thrilled.”

Amanda and AJ welcomed their second child, a son, in 2020.

Steve Belichick

<p>Maddie Meyer/Getty</p> Stephen Belichick at Gillette Stadium in 2022

Maddie Meyer/Getty

Stephen Belichick at Gillette Stadium in 2022

Stephen “Steve” is Bill’s older son and second child. He was born in March 1987, two months after his dad’s first Super Bowl win as defensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

Steve attended Rutgers University, where he played lacrosse for four years. According to his biography on the Patriots’ website, Steve walked on to the football team at Rutgers “as a long snapper to help in preparations for a career in coaching.”

Bill’s older son joined the Patriots' coaching staff in 2012 as a coaching assistant and was promoted to safeties coach in 2016. Steve transitioned to coaching the outside linebackers in 2020.

“It’s special to be able to come in every day and see him," Bill said, per NBC Sports, in 2016. "There were certainly a lot of days I wasn’t there when they were at school. I was doing my thing and they were doing theirs, so it’s great to be able to see him every day."

Meanwhile, Steve described working under his father as “cool.” “Obviously, I love my dad. He’s my role model. He’s my idol. I want to be just like him. I have since I knew what an idol was,” Steve told reporters that same year. “It’s rewarding for me to, I guess, see him more and learn from him more, because I’ve been away from him in high school and college on a day-to-day basis."

<p>Winslow Townson/Getty</p> Bill Belichick and son, Steve Belichick at Gillette Stadium in 2022

Winslow Townson/Getty

Bill Belichick and son, Steve Belichick at Gillette Stadium in 2022

In his personal life, Steve is married to his wife, Jennifer. They wed in June 2017 in Nantucket and share four children: Blakely, Hayes, Quincy and Rocco.

"We have a roster addition to announce this morning, which is a little different than the usual one. The emphasis would be on little," Bill said following the birth of his first grandchild, Blakely, in October 2016, per ESPN. "We can add newborn Blakely Rose to the depth chart. She was born this morning to my son Steve and the real MVP, Jen. So this is a happy and exciting day for all of us."

Brian Belichick

<p>Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire/Getty</p> Brian Belichick at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2021

Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire/Getty

Brian Belichick at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2021

Brian Belichick is the youngest of Bill’s children. In 2016, he graduated from Trinity College, where he studied anthropology and played for the Bantam lacrosse team, per his Patriots’ biography.

Brian became a scouting assistant for the Patriots in 2016. He was promoted to coaching assistant the following year, where he joined his older brother Steve on the coaching staff. Discussing his brother’s promotion with The Providence Journal in 2018, Steve admitted “it’s definitely been different.”

“Obviously, he spent a lot more time with the coaches and scouts. He was kind of doing his thing last year ... so it’s good to have him on the defensive staff and working with him every day,” Steve said. “Not that I wasn’t teaching him last year, but being able to interact with him more and teach him more relevant things I guess has been really fun. I love being with him. I’m trying to shape his mind.”

During the interview, Steve also praised his brother, describing Brian as “really smart” and an “analytical thinker.”

<p>Jim Davis/The Boston Globe/Getty</p> Steve Belichick and his brother Brian Belichick at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN in 2018

Jim Davis/The Boston Globe/Getty

Steve Belichick and his brother Brian Belichick at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN in 2018

Brian was promoted to safeties coach after three seasons as a coaching assistant. Speaking about his sons to reporters in 2020, Bill said, per the New York Post, “They have been around a lot of football. They have seen a lot of football. They have seen things done from a different perspective than other people, but in the end I don’t know anybody that knows our football program better than Stephen, who has been in it a little bit longer, but Brian as well, have just lived their whole life with this program. All the things that we do for all the different reasons and how it all ties together and so forth.”

Brian married his wife, Catherine “Callie” McLaughlin, in June 2021 in Nantucket. According to photos published by N Magazine, both of Brian's siblings were in the wedding party.

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