Bill Nighy wants new career as action movie star

Bill Nighy wants to relaunch himself as an action movie star.
The 74-year-old 'Living' actor fears he's made too many emotional dramas "about people dying" so he's decided he wants his next onscreen death to be more explosive - insisting he wants to go out in a "hail of machine gunfire" or "jumping out of a plane" instead of passing away "in my pyjamas".
He told the Guardian newspaper: "I want my action career to begin. I’m not kidding. I looked at a film of mine on Netflix or Prime the other day. They give you 'five other films you might like if you like this one' and they were all about people dying. I thought: 'I think I’ve done as much dying as I really want to do'."
Bill was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in 2022 drama 'Living' - about a man dying of cancer - but he's adamant he wants to move on.
He added: "I’m grateful to be the guy they come to for dying, but from now on, if I’m going to die, I don’t want to die on a drip in my pyjamas – I want to die in a hail of machine gunfire or jumping out of an aeroplane at 30,000ft."
It comes after Bill previously declared he has no plans to retire because he would just sit around reading books if he wasn't working.
He told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: "A young waitress asked, ‘Why don’t you retire? I would!'
"I spent the warmer part of [the COVID-19 lockdown] under a tree reading books, and it occurred to me that, at my age, if I did any other job, that’s what I would do. Sit and read 'Middlemarch' before I die. But I can’t see why I would stop acting."