'Bionic MP' Craig Mackinlay who lost hands and feet to sepsis not standing for reelection

'Bionic MP' Craig Mackinlay who lost hands and feet to sepsis not standing for reelection

‘Bionic MP’ Craig Mackinlay, who returned to parliament just days ago after fighting sepsis which claimed all his hands and feet, will not be running for reelection, he has announced.

The Tory MP said the general election on July 4 comes too soon amid his recovery.

On Wednesday Mr Mackinlay was given a standing ovation by MPs when he returned to the House of Commons after his quadruple amputation following a sepsis diagnosis last September.

Hours later it emerged that Rishi Sunak would be calling a general election and dissolving parliament.

The South Thanet has told GB News that he had intended to stand again for Parliament should the election have been held later in the year.

However he said that after "36 hours of intense soul searching" he has decided to quit as a MP.

In a statement to GB News he said: "Whilst my heart tells me to stand again, there being so much unfinished business across local regeneration and national issues which are important to me, my head knows this to be impossible at this time.

"It would be difficult to withstand the rigours of an all-out election campaign, a campaign that I’d always wish to lead from the front. Thereafter, upon being re-elected it would be difficult for me to sustain 70 to 80 hour working weeks which were the norm prior to my illness.

"I had hoped to phase my return to the House of Commons over the coming months as my abilities improved. Since leaving in-patient rehabilitation a month ago my life now revolves around various medical appointments.

"I face numerous future operations as a result of the serious sepsis that I suffered which very nearly took my life. I have only just started the prosthetic journey and I have weekly physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions."

Mr Mackinlay is one of over 70 Tory MPs who have said they will not fight for their seat on July 4.

This includes five just yesterday, the first day of campaigning for Mr Sunak, who is facing a tough six weeks to maintain his Commons majority over Labour.

Also quitting is Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark, who has held several ministerial portfolios during his 20 year stretch as an MP.

The Lib Dems are thought to be targeting Tunbridge Wells as a possible gain for the party.