Bizarre reason Aussie driver lost his licence – but he wasn't behind the wheel

Despite having proof, Amanpreet Singh says nothing is being done.

A frustrated driver has been hit with dozens of fines and is facing losing his licence over offences he claims has nothing to do with him.

Amanpreet Singh, 35, says he's racked up over $1800 in fines in a range of different cars, and they keep on coming in — but he was never behind the wheel.

The 35-year-old father told A Current Affair the trouble started when someone broke into his car at his home in Liverpool, in Sydney's southwest. His driver's licence was stolen and later cancelled after reporting it to the police, but numerous fines have since rolled in.

"Before I had only three points, now it's I think 22," Mr Singh told the program on Friday night. "The fine is almost more than $1800 and it's overdue.

"We are not doing anything but still we are suffering and no one (will) listen."

Amanpreet Singh NSW driver mistaken identity.
Amanpreet Singh's licence was stolen resulting in multiple fines that weren't his. Source: A current Affair

Driver's proof shut down

Mr Singh says he has provided proof of his innocence with traffic light cameras clearly showing someone else driving a car that doesn't belong to him. Mr Singh, originally from India, says the man in the photo has a different skin tone but until now, his pleas have gone unnoticed.

The Sydney man also works as an Uber driver and says he has proof that he was working when most of the fines were issued. He claims we wasn't anywhere near where the cameras snapped the culprit pretending to be him.

Now Mr Singh and his wife Jaspinder, 26, have hired a lawyer to help them fight their case. "This is really ridiculous," Mr Singh said. He's now at risk of losing his job because he'll be unable to drive.

Revenue NSW fine statement.
The Sydney man has racked up more than $1800 in fines. Source: A Current Affair

Fines scrapped after investigation

After being approached by A Current Affair, Revenue NSW has reportedly launched an investigation to identify those responsible for using Mr Singh's licence details. The fines have also been scrapped, it's been reported.

"Revenue NSW has contacted the customer and resolved the matter related to the allocation of an offence," they said in a statement.

"People who believe they have been falsely nominated for a fine are encouraged to contact Revenue NSW on 1300 138 118 or visit the Revenue NSW website for more information here."

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