Bloomberg's millionaire users offload their unwanted Rolexes

 (Isabel Infantes/PA) (PA Wire)
(Isabel Infantes/PA) (PA Wire)

‘Not wearing a Rolex’ was the title of Bloomberg’s inventively-named ‘London Rush’ newsletter last week.

Ostensibly, this was a reference to a profit warning that day by luxury retailer Watches of Switzerland – but Spy reckons it was really a nod to all the super-rich Bloomberg users seeking to offload their pricey timepieces.

In the month since Christmas, as many as a dozen Rolex watches – and many more from other brands, as well as other insanely expensive goods -- have been put up for sale by users of the Bloomberg terminal's classified ads page, aptly named ‘Posh Go.’

Among other treasures, Spy found:

• A Vacheron Constantin watch – a bargain at just £77,000.

• A Luxman D-03X CD player – yours for just £3,000. The seller helpfully points out it is “often considered the best CD player under 10k.”

• Helios military observation binoculars, a sweet deal at £2,400. Apparently they are “suitable for tactical observation of ground and air targets” – a sign of how intense competition has become in the banking world of late.

 (Evening Standard)
(Evening Standard)

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