Bobby Berk Addresses Unexpected Attention to His Bare Feet on the Cover of His New Book

The ‘Queer Eye’ star recently released a new design book — and its cover has gone viral for an unusual reason

<p>Rodin Eckenroth/Getty, Clarkson Potter</p>

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty, Clarkson Potter

Since the Queer Eye reboot first took Netflix by storm in 2018, the Fab Five members have gone on to start their own companies, host other reality shows, and more. And most recently, the group’s interior design expert Bobby Berk released his own design book — however, it garnered attention far beyond what he imagined.

Berk’s new coffee table book, Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for the Mind, features photos of the blond design guru’s perfectly manicured home, and he's in many of the shots. As not to dirty the inside of his pristine abode, though, he’s barefoot in all of them, which unexpectedly took the foot fetish community by storm. And apparently, Berk has quite attractive feet, which have gone viral on popular foot fetish website WikiFeet.

"I didn't realize, until people started commenting, that I was giving away feet for free,” Berk told Pride in an interview on Wednesday, Sept. 13. “I'm not a foot person, so I didn't think of it! Well, the book is $31-$35, so that's how much you're paying for those feet.”

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After receiving viral reactions from the foot fetish community, Berk said he didn’t realize how his book truly comes with so many free feet pics.

“The more I've looked through [the book] and after thinking about it, there's a lot of feet for free in here. A lot of the photos are me in my home! I don't wear shoes in my house,” he added

Berk also took to Instagram to address all the positive reactions, bobbing his head to the TikTok jingle “More Passion, More Energy, More Footwork.”

"When your book is going viral because you're not wearing shoes on the front cover," reads text on the video.

Foot closeups aside, Berk told PEOPLE in an exclusive February interview that the book looks to stress the importance of how improvements to a living space can greatly boost mental well-being.

"Knowing how to make your home a place to recharge can be life changing because where we live is the foundation for everything else in our lives," he explained. "I wrote this book to show everyone who reads it that you don't have to be an interior designer to have a space that enhances your life and mental well-being.”

Queer Eye's Bobby Berk striking a pose.
Queer Eye's Bobby Berk striking a pose.

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Berk also teased other bits of advice, noting that it’s not all about expensive upgrades — even tiny changes, such as adding light fixtures that suit your fancy or buying plants, can truly make a difference.

"It's not always about spending a lot of money on fancy things, but more about smaller aspects of design like color, accessories and lighting that really make your space unique and perfect for you,” he added.

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