Bonnie Tyler's mother inspired her to be a singer

Bonnie Tyler wouldn't be a singer if it wasn't for her mother.
The 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' hitmaker - who is known for her instantly-recognisable husky voice and her partnership with late rock producer Jim Steinman - sadly lost her music-loving mum Elsie to Alzheimer's but will never forget her influence on her music career.
Speaking to Yours magazine, she said: "We all think we have the best mother in the world but I definitely did.
"My mother was an angel.
"Actually I don't think I would have been a singer if it hadn't been for her."
She continued: "In her day she had it very hard but she was always, always singing.
"We're quite a musical family because of that.
"Every one of us was into a different kind of music."
The 71-year-old singer has no plans to retire from performing live, but she does plan to cut down on touring to spend more time with her big family.
She said: "I have always been a family girl. You can't beat it."
Bonnie was born in Neath, South Wales, but currently resides in Portugal.
Meanwhile, Bonnie previously paid tribute to her husband Robert Sullivan, and explained how he's been her rock over the years.
She said: "The day I met Robert it was love at first sight. I took one look at him and I thought, 'Wow! He looked like Warren Beatty. He represented the UK in judo at the 1972 Olympic Games. We married the next year when I was 22.
"We celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary in July [2021]. Robert's invested very cleverly down the years. he's always made my money make more money."