Boy, 5, Rings Doorbell Asking for Help Finding Mom After Being Dropped Off at Wrong Spot

"... I think this is a cautionary tale. You need to teach your kids what to do if it happens," Kelly Mulholland shared on TikTok

A heartbreaking video of a 5-year-old boy asking for help on a Ring doorbell after allegedly getting dropped off in the wrong neighborhood is going viral after his mother shared what she said had happened on TikTok.

In the video, which began with footage from a Ring camera, the boy looked to be in distress as he opened and closed a storm door to a home and asked, “Would you help me find my mommy?” He appeared to be tearful as he spoke, while another voice was heard responding over the Ring camera.

“My literal worst nightmare happened yesterday,” the boy’s mom, Kelly Mulholland, said in a TikTok video posted on Tuesday alongside the clip, which as of Friday, had garnered 4.7 million views, over 300,000 likes and over 4,000 comments in the span of three days.

Mulholland shared the incident over two TikTok videos, saying that her son and her boyfriend’s 5-year-old daughter had been knocking on doors throughout a neighborhood asking for help after she claimed they were dropped off at the wrong stop on their school bus in Edmond.

<p>Courtesy of Kelly Mulholland</p> Kelly Mulholland and her son pictured by a waterfall

Courtesy of Kelly Mulholland

Kelly Mulholland and her son pictured by a waterfall

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Mulholland said in the video she realized things went wrong when she went to pick the kids up from their stop at Napa Valley Road and Bristol Park Boulevard. She said that the bus had arrived an hour late and “they weren’t there.” She claimed that when she asked the bus driver where he had dropped them, he could not recall, and she received a tip from another older kid saying that they had seen the two Kindergarteners getting off at a previous stop.

When she returned to her car, a neighbor pulled up beside her and asked her if she was “looking for two kids,” which she confirmed. She said the man told her he received a Ring notification on his way home from work that there were kids ringing the doorbell at his house, and then showed her the footage. 

<p>Courtesy of Kelly Mulholland</p> Kelly Mulholland poses for a selfie with her son

Courtesy of Kelly Mulholland

Kelly Mulholland poses for a selfie with her son

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She went to the address of the man’s home, but the kids were no longer there. According to Mulholland, he and other neighbors helped her track down the kids by knocking on doors nearby and asking if they had seen them.

Mulholland said she eventually found the children a few houses down in the neighborhood, which was a half-a-mile down from where they had gotten dropped off. She claimed the children had walked “at least a half a mile in 105 degrees heat” while looking for help in the neighborhood for an hour.

“I am so incredibly proud of these kids,” she said in the video. “They are so f—--- smart. They were literally alternating doorbells. One of them would stay on the sidewalk, while the other one would go up and ring the doorbell and they would keep watch.”

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She said she and her boyfriend reached out to the Department of Transportation, who runs the school buses, and claimed that officials told them that standard bus procedure was to not let a child off the bus without a parent there and for the bus driver to check the tags on their bag to make sure they were dropped off at the right stop.

PEOPLE has reached out to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for comment on the incident.

"I'm not sharing this to scare anybody, but I think this is a cautionary tale. You need to teach your kids what to do if it happens," Mulholland shared towards the end of the second TikTok video. She closed out the video showing a box of new Apple AirTags she had purchased.

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