Boy George burns 'filthy' Jon Moss love letters

Boy George has "burnt" all the "filthy" letters he received from Jon Moss.
The 62-year-old singer had a tempestuous relationship with his former Culture Club bandmate - which ended in 1986 - and a few years ago, he finally got rid of some reminders of their romance, insisting there was nothing contained in the notes that he'd look back fondly on in later life.
He told the Sunday Times magazine: “A couple of years ago I burnt all the letters he wrote me. It wasn’t like they were like Lady Chatterley’s Lover’s letters.
"They were just filth. They were about sex. They weren’t romantic, they weren’t loving. It wasn’t anything I’m going to read when I’m 70 and go, ‘Oh, so sweet.’ "
But the 'Karma Chameleon' singer - who is preparing to release his third autobiography, 'Karma' - admitted he also got rid of them to avoid the "temptation" of making the contents of the letters public.
He added: "And I also wanted to get rid of the temptation to print them just to be bitchy. I thought, actually, I don’t want to be b*****. I don’t need to be b*****.”
In 2018, Jon left the band during a reunion tour following an argument with George and subsequently sued for loss of income, finally settling the dispute for £1.75 million, and the former 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' star believes his ex-lover took action to "hurt" him.
Asked about reports the case left him facing bankruptcy, George said: “That’s not true. But I think Jon wanted to bankrupt me. I think he wanted to hurt me.”
But he admitted the financial implications of the settlement are "bad" and he has been left with "absolutely f*** all" money, leaving him to put his London mansion in Hampstead up for sale for £17 million.
George - who is currently living in a rented property in Hackney, east London, while tenants are in the Hampstead house - said: “I can get more money renting it than living in it. But it’s been really fun being out of there. I love it.”