Bradley Cooper 'happy' to have been Brooke Shields' 'guardian angel'

Bradley Cooper was "happy" to be Brooke Shields' "guardian angel".
The 'Pretty Baby' actress recently revealed the 'Maestro' star had rushed to her aid when she suffered a grand mal seizure in New York and her assistant was unable to contact her husband Chris Henchy, and the 48-year-old hunk was happy to have helped.
Asked about Brooke calling him her "guardian angel", Bradley told 'Extra': “I was happy to be in the right place at the right time.”
The 58-year-old star previously admitted she wasn't sure if she was still alive when she woke after her seizure to find the 'Hangover' actor standing over her.
She recalled to Glamour magazine: “I start having a grand mal seizure. It means frothing at the mouth, totally blue, trying to swallow my tongue. The next thing I remember, I’m being loaded into an ambulance. I have oxygen on...
The next thing I remember, I'm being loaded into an ambulance. I have oxygen on. And Bradley Cooper is sitting next to me holding my hand.
"I didn’t have a sense of humour. I couldn’t really get any words out.
"But I thought to myself, This is what death must be like. You wake up and Bradley Cooper’s going, 'I’m going to go to the hospital with you, Brooke,' and he’s holding my hand. And I’m looking at my hand, I’m looking at Bradley Cooper’s hand in my hand, and I’m like, 'This is odd and surreal.' "
Explaining how the 'Star is Born' actor had come to be there, she told how a sommelier had attempted to call Brooke’s husband but instead reached an assistant who got another assistant to contact the ‘Hangover’ star as he was nearby.
She said: "His assistant called Bradley and said, 'Brooke’s on the ground. Chris isn’t around. Go get her.' And he came, and somebody called the ambulance. And then it was like, I walked in with Jesus."