Brenda Edwards: It's so important to keep Jamal's name alive!

Brenda Edwards is determined to continue the legacy of her son Jamal.
The 53-year-old star's offspring - who helped to launch Ed Sheeran's career with his urban music platform SBTV - passed away last year at the age 31 after suffering a heart attack as a result of taking recreational drugs and now his mother has sworn to "keep his name alive" with the launch of The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust, upon the first anniversary of his death.
She said: "It's immensely important to keep his name alive. Jamal was always the busiest person alive and I always used to make jokes that I had to make an appointment to see my own child, who was in my house! That's how busy I was and for everything that he has done and everyone who has come up and said that he did that selflessly, without asking for anything back that's why I have to carry this on. He was doing it for a reason and I need to continue this legacy on. "
The former 'X Factor' star - who also has daughter Tanesha, 22, from a previous relationship - went on to add that her daughter has taken the reins of Jamal's company, which was also instrumental in the rise of Jessie J and Pixie Lott, as she reflected that the last year has been "one big rollercoaster ride."
She said: "SBTV, I'm very proud of Tanesha who has started it back up so there's gonna be more new talent coming to the world but I set up the Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust and we're working to offer apprenticeships with young people who would not have that opportunity within the music industry.
"This last year has been one big massive rollercoaster ride and considering I don't really like rollercoasters, I have to be honest, with all the support I've had, everything has been bittersweet. I don't think you can really put it into words. It's good to have Tanesha here and have her around because we're going through it together. I try my best not to show her my upset, she tries her best not to show me but then there's times when we're both upset together."
Brenda's words come just days after 'Perfect' hitmaker Ed released the song 'F64' in tribute to his old friend and she admitted that the whole song "stuck with her" because it was "so raw."
Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she added: "The whole song that Ed wrote stuck with me because it was so raw and it was so true. It was remarkable what he was saying, right from the first lyric to the end. Everybody who has contributed to SBTV over the years, we're really grateful. This is just another chapter, it's Tanesha's vision. It's been really wonderful to have that acknowledgment and know that Jamal has made such a difference to so many people. "