Brendan Fraser learned to 'work smart' over 'work hard'

Brendan Fraser has learned it is better to "work smart than work hard".
The 54-year-old actor retreated from the spotlight "for a spell" before making his comeback with the critically-acclaimed 'The Whale' and he admitted taking time out allowed him to "take stock" of his life and ambitions.
In a preview of his appearance on 'Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist' obtained by E! News, he said: "I've never been that far away, but I did step out of the spotlight for a spell there to sort some things out in my life and to take stock of who I am, where I'm going, and what my aspirations are.
"I've learned that it's going to do me good to work smart instead of work hard."
The 'George of the Jungle' star's career break also allowed him to get "a lot more comfotable in [his] own skin, which has made him more appreciative of his recent success.
He said: "For that, I feel so much more receptive and gratitude for the positive attention that I'm receiving at this time. It's really humbling."
Brendan decided he was ready to make his comeback because he no longer felt he had "anything to prove".
He explained: "For me, currency is confidence and I didn't always have that.
"It ebbs and flows, but feeling like I'm at home in myself makes me have a stronger sense of ownership over the work I've done and what I'm capable of."
The 'Mummy' star admitted he was "kind of ignorant" about how Hollywood worked in the early days of his career and his hectic work schedule came before everything else.
He said: "I was kind of on a merry-go-round and wanted the music to stop. It can get a bit much.
"I had a real 'make hay while the sun shines' kind of outlook. I didn't have much of a social life."