Brian Cox says 'humans are so stupid' over baffling request from Succession fans

Brian Cox is baffled by 'Succession' fans who want to be told to "f*** off" in the style of his character Logan Roy.
The 76-year-old actor has played media mogul Logan in the hit TV show since 2018 and he's revealed devoted followers can't get enough of the foul-mouthed character and often approach him with a bizarre request to be cursed at which leaves him questioning the intelligence of the human race.
In an IMDb video interview, he explained: "They always want me to tell them to ‘f*** off'. 'Can you tell me to f*** off?' And I go: 'What the f***? Why do they want me to tell them to f*** off?'"
Brian then went on: "Well, there must be something really deep in that. We’ve reached a whole level that we’re not really aware of when we’re going up and asking the guy off the television to tell them to f*** off. Human beings are so stupid."
He previously revealed he first became aware of fans wanting him to curse at them a year after the show debuted when he was playing US President Lyndon B. Johnson on Broadway in 2019.
Brian told The Hollywood Reporter: "Well, it’s not the easiest thing to say to people. I mean, it started when I was playing L.B.J. in one of those theatres in New York. I came out one night and there was this young couple, very sweet, about 17, and they had a video and they said, ‘Could you tell us to f*** off, please?’ I mean, it’s unbelievable."
However, Brian has since learned to capitalise on his character's catch phrase by offerings fans the chance to pay him to record a message for them on celebrity video site Cameo.
'Succession' can hand over £558 for a personalised video message from the actor who is happy to tell them to "f*** off" if they want.