Bride and Groom Switch Things Up by Writing Each Other's Vows and Reading the Entertaining Results at Their Wedding

"I've been to hundreds of weddings, but these are the most hilarious and creative vows I've ever witnessed," the couple's wedding photographer Andrea Biery said

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of bride and groom reading wedding vows


Stock image of bride and groom reading wedding vows

A bride and groom decided to take an unexpected approach to a timeless wedding tradition.

Instead of writing vows to each other, they switched things up. “Sara wrote Steven’s vows to Sara, which she'll read out for the first time, and vice versa,” the couple's wedding officiant explained at the beginning of a video of their ceremony, which was shared on TikTok by wedding photographer Andrea Biery.

"The couple says this will be a fun surprise for the guests," the officiant added in the clip, prompting laughter from the attendees, who likely knew a fun and entertaining moment would ensue.

"I've been to hundreds of weddings, but these are the most hilarious and creative vows I've ever witnessed," Biery wrote in a text caption over the video.

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The groom kicked things off by reading out the vows that the bride had written on his behalf.

"Sara, you look so stunningly beautiful tonight. How did I get so lucky?" he began, earning big laughs from the guests.

"Thank you!" Sara jokingly replied.

He went on to read Sara's words about their shared interests. "Before we met in person, TV was how we initially connected because we didn't have many other hobbies," he said.

"But we evolved over the last four years and added one more thing to our list of activities: cooking incredible dinners. The best nights are when we’re [cooking] something new, have the music going, a bottle of red wine open, and the smoke alarm doesn’t go off," he continued.

At one point, the couple, who met in May 2019, even high-fived each other after Steve read, "We’re the perfect mix of boring and fun.”

The vows written by Sara ended with Steve singing out "the wise words" of Justin Bieber: "On God, running to the altar like a track star." The room erupted with laughter and clapping as Sara asked Steve, "Isn't it good?" about the musical nod she added to the vows.

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After receiving a flood of requests, Biery later shared a second video capturing Sara reading the vows that Steve wrote.

More laughs ensued as the couple soon realized they both penned uncannily similar opening lines.

"As you stand up here in front of all these wonderful people, I can't help but ask the question, 'How did you get so lucky?' " Sara said, giggling.

Steve even threw in a little playful jab at his bride in the words he wrote. "Early on, during the first date, I told you I could make conversation with a brick wall. Credit to you for listening because that's what it felt like when we had our first date," the bride laughingly continued.

By the end, however, Sara got choked up with emotion as she read Steve's touching words. "I promise to never stop dancing with you, whether we're at a wedding or in our living room," she recited through tears. "I will love you unconditionally no matter what, and I know that you will, too. You are my best friend and soulmate."

"I can't wait to continue life's journey with you, one slice of pizza and one dance at a time," she concluded.

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