So, who is Bridgerton’s Golda Rosheuvel’s wife?

Dearest gentle reader, we're back with the 'ton for season three of Bridgerton, with Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton finally take centre stage and Queen Charlotte struggling to decide the diamond of the season. But, we have a question: Is our favourite Queen loved up in real life?

This first part of the Netflix series, which dropped on 16th May, sees Penelope get Colin's help to find a husband, Francesca Bridgerton enter the marriage mart, that carriage scene and more. Honestly, part two can't come soon enough!

As always, Queen Charlotte, played by Golda Rosheuvel, overlooks all the goings on in Regency-era London, but who is Golda married to in real life? Move over, Lady Whistledown because here is the gossip about Golda's wife, Shireen Mula.

Who is Golda Rosheuvel’s wife?

So, Golda is married to playwright and theatre-maker, Shireen Mula, who has worked in London and across the world, according to her website.

They've been together for over a decade after meeting at a friend's party. "I met my wife on the dance floor," she told Glamour. "11 years later, we are now in it for the long-haul."

While they keep their relationship relatively private, Golda often gushes about Mula in interviews. On an episode of the Okay, Now Listen podcast, she said, "I’m in love, at the moment. Deeply. And to admit that is freeing, you know?

"To be able to be vulnerable with that person, with yourself, within that relationship, to be able to see your flaws, to have flaws, and for your flaws to be held by another person who you know loves you." We can't cope 🥹.

Plus, while Mula is more of a private person and doesn't pose on red carpets, she is on X (formerly known as Twitter), where she posts the odd snap of her and Golda. This one of the two on holiday for New Years Eve? Obsessed!

Speaking about receiving the Equality Award by LGBTQ+ advocacy group, Human Rights Campaign, Golda said, "My sexuality is really important to me in terms of existing, knowing that I’m important. I’m as important as anyone on the planet.

"My partner always says, ‘The mere fact that you’re on the screen. The mere fact that you’re in Bridgerton as a Black, biracial, cis-gender, lesbian playing the first Black queen of England. The fact that you’re there is immense.'"

What a queen!

Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix now.

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