Britney Spears has experienced 'ups and downs' since her conservatorship ended

Britney Spears has had "ups and downs" since her conservatorship ended.
The 41-year-old star was freed from the conservatorship 18 months ago and "remains a survivor" despite going through highs and lows as she adjusts to life as a "free" woman.
Reports earlier this year suggested Britney's life had spiralled out of control after she regained her freedom and friends were so concerned about her behaviour that they were planning to stage an intervention but an insider has played down the concerns.
A source told People: "She has been under lock and key for 13 years. Have there been ups and downs? Yes.
"But some of the amazing things she's done recently have all been her choice. She is a survivor. Despite what ups and downs she's going through, she remains a survivor."
Britney recently hit back at reports that she is constantly guzzling on energy drinks after it was claimed that she stayed awake for "three consecutive days" due to her penchant for the caffeine-filled beverages and instead suggested that she stays up late at night drinking tea and making dolls clothes.
In a post on Instagram, the 'Toxic' hitmaker wrote: "I’m sticking to watermelon juice, which is the weirdest thing ever but I was told for years I can’t have coffee and now that I can it’s my pride … I can’t even look at it !!!
"Green tea is my prized possession!!! You clever little turds ... Sorry but I never stay up late with Red Bull. It is absolutely the worst drink ever ... I make jewellery, candles and dolls clothes ... Okay, so what??? I may be a loser but I do what makes me feel most alive and gives me interest ... "