Britney Spears 'making plans' to spend the holiday with her mom and brother: 'She's really happy...'

Britney Spears might spend the Christmas holidays with her mom.
The 42-year-old pop superstar had become estranged from her immediate family in the years since a conservatorship that had given them control over her fortune and career choices was terminated but earlier this month celebrated her birthday with her mother Lynne, 68, and brother Bryan, 46.
Now an insider has claimed that the 'Lucky' hitmaker could be making plans to spend the holidays with them.
A source told Us Weekly: "Britney is really happy with where things seem to be headed with her mom. Nothing has been set in stone yet, but Britney may be making time to celebrate the holidays together with her mom and brother [Bryan Spears]."
However, the insider went on to explain that Britney and her mother still have "a lot to work through" but have started to communicate more and have frequently been in touch with each other in recent weeks.
The insider added: "They still have a lot to work through. But the door for communication has been opened, and they’ve been in contact very often lately."
Just days ago, it was claimed that Lynne - who is also mother to former 'Zoey 101' star Jamie Lynn, 32, with ex-husband Jamie Spears - is "making the effort" with her eldest daughter and was "very apologetic" towards her.
The insider told People: "Lynne is really making an effort to be in Britney’s life, but she is still hurt, because she feels her mom could have done more to help her. Britney has very few friends and really needs to just be with family. Her mom does love her. There is no doubt about that, but Britney can be very stubborn.
"Lynne is very apologetic to Britney and takes full blame. Lynne is really making an effort to be in Britney’s life. Britney likes spending time with her. They have a complicated relationship, but it seems they both need each other."