Brittany Cartwright Asks Jax Taylor to 'Step Up' in the Bedroom as He Takes 'Fault' for Month-Long Dry Spell

"He needs to make me feel like I’m still attractive because I don’t feel like that right now," the Kentucky native said on the April 16th episode of 'The Valley'

<p>Steven Simione/FilmMagic; Gary Gershoff/Getty</p>

Steven Simione/FilmMagic; Gary Gershoff/Getty

'The Valley' stars Brittany Cartwright (left) and Jax Taylor

The girls' trip to Malibu, California came just in time for Brittany Cartwright on the latest episode of The Valley.

As Brittany, 35, prepared for the trip by packing a bottle of tequila on the Tuesday, April 16 episode, her husband Jax Taylor chastised her about her drinking habits.

“I love Jax but I literally try to be positive and happy, but Jax is a lot of the time moody and negative,” Brittany said in a confessional interview. “A lot of times I feel like we balance each other out in that way but other times I feel like, I gotta get out of here. I gotta do something fun.”

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Brittany drove to Malibu with Janet Caperna and in the car, she discussed a recent situation in which Jax, 44, got mad at Brittany for not feeling well while drinking. In a flashback to that instance, Jax told Brittany to “act like a mom” if she wants to have more kids.

Once everyone arrived at the house, including Nia Booko, Kristen Doute, Jasmine Goode and Michelle Saniei, the ladies painted some wine glasses and then played Truth or Date using Jenga tiles. Janet, 34, pulled a tile that asked the women to describe the last time they had sex. Brittany said hers happened “probably like a month and a half ago, at least.”

“He needs to make me feel like I’m still attractive because I don’t feel like that right now,” she continued. “He knows, it’s been a whole thing.”

<p>Brittany Cartwright Cauchi/Instagram</p> Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor with son Cruz

Brittany Cartwright Cauchi/Instagram

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor with son Cruz

In a confessional interview, Brittany described how the way Jax treated her affected their sex life.

“Jax can be really hard on me,” the mom of 3-year-old son Cruz explained. “He kind of puts me down a lot, whether it’s about if I go out and have a girls night and don’t feel good the next day or the way I look. Your partner is supposed to lift you up and make you feel good about yourself, and I feel like he’s doing the opposite to me right now.”

Brittany felt disappointed by that “because I’ve been in his corner through all the s--- he’s put me through,” she said. “I’ve always stuck up for him I’ve always believed in him and I just feel like I don’t get the same thing in return.”

The night transpired in a surprisingly non-dramatic way, although Brittany felt the effects of her tequila consumption the next morning. The Vanderpump Rules alum vomited in the car ride home with Janet and still felt sick when she got home.

“I don’t understand why you can’t go out and have a couple drinks,” Jax said to Brittany. “Why do you have to go out to get to the point that you have to throw up?”

Brittany retorted by claiming he did “the exact same thing.”

<p>Casey Durkin/Bravo</p> Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor on 'The Valley'

Casey Durkin/Bravo

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor on 'The Valley'

“I’m a little worried because not only is she my wife, but she’s a mother,” Jax told the cameras. “We need ya! If you keep this up, you’re going to destroy your body. There’s other ways to have a good time. We live in California, you can smoke a joint.”

Brittany then urged Jax to “step up the game” when it comes to their sex life and “make me feel sexy.”

“I know it’s my fault,” Jax admitted.

The Kentucky native told her husband that the lull in their lack of physical intimacy “doesn’t make me feel like you’re attracted to me.”

“Of course I’m attracted to you,” Jax insisted.

Jax also owned up to his own mental health issues influencing their marriage. “I’m OCD,” he said to Brittany. “I overthink and my mind, I can’t shut it off.”

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Still, both of them remained committed to staying together. “We ain’t going nowhere,” Brittany said. “We’re thick as thieves over here.”

Jax affirmed that he didn’t see divorce as an option, though he and Brittany proceeded to announce their separation in February. He told Brittany at the end of the episode, “That D word does not exist in my family.”

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