'Bronzed blonde' is the perfect transitional hair colour

Hair trends move at breakneck speed but some things never change, like the collective draw to lighten up come summer. Often, many of us with darker hair will feel the urge to go blonde, but not too blonde – and if that speaks to you then this hue will appeal.

'Bronzed blonde' is the sophisticated shade sitting between light brown and mid blonde which, technically speaking, means "a subtle, natural-looking base blended with a pop of sun-kissed spotlights around the face". That's according to leading hair colourist Amy Fish, of the reliably fabulous Larry King salons, who coined the name for this look she gave influential content creator Victoria Magrath (who actually started as a brighter blonde).

victoria mcgrath bronzed blonde hair trend
Courtesy of Larry King Hair

"Bronzed blonde is the perfect hair colour for this time of year," Fish tells us, "it oozes sophistication, glistening when it moves to showcase both the blonde and brown tones".

Yes, it's luxurious looking, but thankfully that doesn't mean it's high maintenance. "Since bronze-coloured highlights require less lifting than true blonde highlights, the grow-out is fairly soft," Fish explains. "With this, you can go as long as three-to-four months between colour appointments, depending on your base colour and how fast your hair grows."

Magrath, who wears the shade impeccably, isn't the only one making bronzed blonde seem appealing this spring. Model and businesswoman Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is another perfect example of the colour, showcasing noticeably longer hair at the Cannes Film Festival with glossy bronzed blonde tones.

The high-shine hue can be achieved using the Redken Shades EQ professional hair colours and bonding treatments, and you can maintain the lustre – a la Magrath and Huntington-Whiteley – at home. Larry King, the mega stylist and entrepreneur behind his eponymous salons and product range, tells Bazaar that treating coloured hair with the right daily products is important to ensure it looks alive and fresh. Try these shampoos and conditioners created specifically to prevent colour fade, and treat your locks to King's new multi-tasking Spoilt for Choice Hair Oil. "Try using this as a mask," he suggests, "as it is more intense than a regular conditioner so will add moisture, increase vibrancy and prevent frizz". You can also add the hair oil to your routine on wet or dry hair to amplify shine and softness.

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