Bruno Tonioli awards BGT golden buzzer to dance troupe that reduced him to tears

A troupe of young male dancers secured Bruno Tonioli’s coveted golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent after reducing the judge to tears with their routine.

The group of dancers aged eight to 19, named Phoenix Boys, dazzled the crowd with backflips, pirouettes and split leaps during their performance to Sam Ryder’s song Tiny Riot.

Professional dancer and choreographer Tonioli gave the routine a standing ovation before hitting the special buzzer so hard that he cracked it.

The other judges appeared shocked by his enthusiasm and that he had broken the rules by awarding them his second golden buzzer this series after previously giving one to a teacher who uses music to help students with special educational needs.

As he took to the stage, the young dancers encircled him in a hug as he told them: “I know how hard it is what you do.”

Addressing the audience, an emotional Tonioli said: “People don’t really know how hard it is to succeed as a dancer.

“The work that goes into it and the passion and literally you do it for nothing, you do it for love and I felt that.”

Fellow judge Alesha Dixon also congratulated them and said she could see how Tonioli recognised his own passion as a dancer within the troupe.

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Tonioli added: “What really touches people is when you perform from your heart.

“It’s the truth of your performance, that’s really what remains in people’s minds and you touched me and I think you touched everyone here.”

Elsewhere in the episode, a young dance troupe dressed as characters from the animated film Trolls hyped up the crowd with their energetic routine to Earth, Wind & Fire’s hit September.

Tonioli praised the group, aged seven to 12, as a “dazzling, sparkling visual treat” before they were granted four yesses.

The show also featured a number of unusual singing performances including a couple named Daniele and Naimana who began their audition by performing an opera track.

However, they shocked the judges when they started using ventriloquist puppets and ended the song by appearing to kiss each other while the puppet sheep still sang.

The pair received a standing ovation and Simon Cowell described it as “genius” before confirming they had gotten four yesses.

Meanwhile, a group named Blitzers, who said they were the first K-pop band on Britain’s Got Talent, impressed the judges with their slick choreography and singing to There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes.

After they got a standing ovation, Tonioli said: “They’re ready for Wembley. I’d put you out tomorrow.

“The presentation, every level of it is as good as anything I’ve seen around the world in the last 50 years.”

Before they sailed through to the next round, Cowell also said he “loved” the audition and praised their personality.

Teaching assistant Alex Mitchell also had the crowd doubled over with laughter at his stand-up comedy set where he poked fun at his autism and tics.

The 23-year-old from Bedford became emotional after his routine was greeted with uproarious applause.

After Cowell told him he was a “fearless and funny” comedian, he called Mitchell’s parents, who thought their son was at a stag do, to tell them the good news that he had gotten through to the next round.

Later in the episode, a married illusionist couple named Jay & Joss left the judges in shock as they got them to help plan their future honeymoon by selecting the location, date, budget, room number and performer.

After they had selected the details, they showed them a video which they had pre-made which accurately predicted everything the judges would choose, leaving them gobsmacked.

Cowell swore that none of it was planned in advance as he said the routine had “blown my mind”.

A pair of brothers from Australia also got the judges heated with their juggling routine with a twist which saw them undress, swap clothes and redress while never dropping a juggling pin.

Dixon hailed it as “one of the most unique acts” the show had ever had before it was awarded four yesses.

The episode also featured some off-the-wall acts including 65-year-old opera singer Natalie Choquette who invited the judges to the stage for a sit-down dinner.

During her performance, she ate spaghetti and meatballs and drank wine but things escalated when she threw the meal on Cowell.

Waiters then came out to pour spaghetti over the other judges but Dixon and Amanda Holden ran off before getting covered.

However, Cowell did not want the female judges to get off the hook that easily and chased them and hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly backstage in an attempt to cover them in bowls of food.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV.