Brunson leads Knicks over Pacers, Hornets hire Charles Lee & big questions for eliminated teams | No Cap Room

On this episode of No Cap Room, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer and Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine recap yet another close playoff win for the New York Knicks over the Indiana Pacers from all angles.

The guys discuss Jalen Brunson returning from injury to lead the team to victory, Josh Hart playing every minute of every game, and even Pacers coach Rick Carlisle complaining about the refs and claiming that his small-market team is getting a raw deal because they’re playing against a large-market team in the NBA Playoffs.

Speaking of coaches, Jake goes deep on how head coaches are employing challenges during the NBA Playoffs and how that usage differs from the regular season before talking about the Charlotte Hornets hiring Charles Lee as their new head coach and letting listeners in on some of the coaching rumors that he’s heard.

Since the last episode of No Cap Room, four teams have been eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. The guys try to answer one important question for each one of them as a way to say goodbye to all of them.

Should the Bucks be worried about Giannis’ age and injury history? What kind of player should the 76ers acquire this offseason? Is it over for the Clippers? And is it Anthony Black time in Orlando?

All of that, and more, on this very fun episode of No Cap Room.

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