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Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill talks about why the Milwaukee Bucks fired first-year head coach Adrian Griffin and if Doc Rivers makes them a better team before discussing the Team USA men’s basketball roster pool and the games of the week.

On this episode of the Good Word with Goodwill podcast, Vincent Goodwill goes deep on the shocking news that the Milwaukee Bucks have fired first-year head coach Adrian Griffin 43 games into the season and replaced him with Doc Rivers.

Vinnie does his best to try and explain what happened with Griffin in Milwaukee, from how he got fired to why the team lost faith in him, before talking about the lack of playoff success Doc Rivers has had over the last 10+ years with the Clippers and 76ers. Will it be different with the Bucks? Does Doc Rivers raise Milwaukee’s ceiling or just the floor?

Later, Vince and Producer John look through the 41 players in the Team USA men’s basketball roster pool and try their best to build a roster of 12 that can lead the team to a gold medal in Paris this summer.

Finally, as they always do, Vinnie and Producer John look at the games coming up tonight and later this week to tell you which ones you should be focused on in their NBA viewing guide.

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