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Bugs begone: Stock up on Coleman's bestselling citronella candle while it's $4

'It actually works': Thousands of Amazon shoppers use this tin-can cutie to fight creepy crawlers.

Mosquitoes are the unwelcome guests of summer, buzzing about as we embark on outdoor dinners, cozy fire pit situations and strolls around the park. To keep critters at bay, we love the effectiveness and portability of a classic citronella candle, but some are (way) better than others. Enter the bestselling Coleman Pine Scented Citronella Candle, on sale at Amazon for an enlightening $4.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, citronella oil works as a natural, non-toxic insect repellent by masking the scents — including yours — that mosquitos love. Unlike bug zappers, which kill the critters, citronella candles gently repel them.

Mosquitoes hate citronella oil even more than they love drinking your blood (gross). Keep one of these babies on the deck, at the pool and in the car for impromptu outdoor adventures. 

$4 at Amazon
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$6 at Walgreens

Both electric bug zappers and citronella candles can run you a pretty penny, but this fan-favorite is a serious bargain at just $4. Think about how much money you'll save on bug spray and hydrocortisone cream — not to mention your sanity. Honestly, grab a handful at this price so you'll never run out.

First and foremost, this citronella candle is highly effective at repelling bloodsuckers so you don't have to rely on strong-smelling insect repellants. And if the overpowering citronella oil scent typically bothers you (totally fair), don't stress: It emits a pleasant pine scent. Mosquitos already ruin any dreamy outdoor ambiance, the last thing you want is for your citronella candle to do the same. Speaking of outdoor ambiance, the candle comes with a wood wick, which mimics the sound of a crackling fire. Cool, right?

Even though it's on the small side at 6 ounces, the candle is deceptively mighty — it can burn for up to 25 hours (with some shoppers saying it goes even longer). It's housed in a sturdy, recyclable metal tin, making it ideal for campsites, picnic areas and even your very own porch while you sip that morning cup of coffee. Ah, the ambiance.

Coleman citronella candle in a metal tin on a blue background.
A buzz-free summer? Pinch us, we're dreaming. (Amazon)

With upwards of 4,600 five-star ratings over at Amazon, it's safe to say that shoppers love this bug-fighting candle.

"I am not a fan of Citronella...however, I was willing to give it a try and I'm glad I did," explained one thrilled reviewer. "My favorite place [to use them] is our back porch. The added pine scent makes a huge difference!"

"These candles pack a punch!" shared a second happy customer. "We use them often when sitting on our deck in the evening. I have used them for a couple of seasons and will keep using them."

"I ordered more of these because they really work," wrote one five-star reviewer. "We use them around our hot tub when mosquitos are out and they really help deter the little pests. Another plus is they have a hefty wick that doesn't blow out with a slight breeze."

"Out of nowhere, hundreds of little flying black bugs appeared in my backyard," explained an Amazon shopper. "I lit these candles and for the first time since seeing these bugs, I can be outside without a bunch landing on me. Best purchase."

"The wooden crackle wick is a standout feature," said one final Amazon reviewer. "It adds a charming and rustic touch to the candle's presentation, mimicking the soothing sound of a crackling fire. It's perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere during outdoor gatherings or simply when relaxing on the patio."

While shoppers generally love the effectiveness, cost and smell of the citronella candle, a few were surprised by the size. "Cute tin," stated one reviewer. "Smaller than I expected but still good value for your money."

"It's a little smaller than your typical citronella candle," noted one four-star reviewer. The same reviewer added: "The candle burns evenly and has a strong, pleasant scent that effectively repels mosquitoes."

Another thing to note is the wind. "Great for outdoors on the porch," shared an Amazon customer. "The wind makes it difficult to burn but it holds up and has a nice scent." Luckily, this shopper came through and shared a helpful tip: "I put mine in a plastic milk bottle to keeps the wind away and gives a softer opaque light."

Switch it up with this bestselling bundle that comes with the pine candle as well as s'mores and campfire scents. 

$12 at Amazon

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