Bundesbank Chief Worried About Euroskeptic Gains at EU Elections

(Bloomberg) -- Germany’s central bank chief reiterated his concern about the rise of extremist parties, saying he’s worried about the upcoming European Parliament elections.

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“The Bundesbank in particular stands for what defines Germany” including diversity and openness, Joachim Nagel told reporters in Berlin on Tuesday. “I’m worried that parties that have a different attitude toward Europe will play a big role in the European elections. We need more Europe and not less.”

Nagel and other senior officials have been openly attending anti-fascist demonstrations in Germany just as the far-right AfD looks set to gain ground both at June’s EU vote and in state ballots in the east of the country later this year.

“Being quiet and not saying anything is the worst of all alternatives,” he said. “There are many good arguments that express why we must stand up for this democracy and this Europe.”

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