Burger King Is Giving Away Free Breakfast Food For A Week

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Burger King Is Giving Away Free BreakfastBurger King

Your mornings are about to get a whole lot better (and cheaper) all thanks to Burger King. In honor of daylight saving time, the restaurant is rolling out a ton of freebies next week. So not only do you get an extra hour of daylight in the evening, you can also score free croissant breakfast sandwiches, French toast sticks, hash browns, and more. Suddenly, losing that hour of sleep doesn't sound too bad.

The deals kick off on Sunday, March 10, just hours after daylight saving time. On that day, you can receive a free Croissan’wich with the purchase of at least $1. (With the exception of Thursday, each freebie is only available with the purchase of at least $1.)

When the work week begins on Monday, you can snag five French toast sticks for free. To quench your morning thirst on Tuesday, Burger King will give away a free bottle of Simply orange juice.

For Hump Day, how about hash browns? On Wednesday, the restaurant will be giving away a large order of hash browns to hungry diners.

Thursdays deal is all about Pi Day. To mark the quirky holiday, customers can receive a free Hershey’s sundae pie with a purchase of at least $3.14

End the week on a caffeinated note with a free large vanilla iced coffee on Friday. And last, but not least, indulge in a free sausage biscuit on Saturday.

Once you've had a week's worth of breakfast be sure to head to Dairy Queen the following week for Free Cone Day on March 19. As part of DQ's annual giveaway, you'll receive a free small vanilla soft-serve cone while supplies last.

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