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Bye, gray yolks: This color-changing egg timer takes the guesswork out of boiling, and it's on sale for $7

The fan-favorite gizmo lets you know when they're cooked just how you like 'em — get it while it's 45% off.

Tired of cutting into a freshly boiled egg, only to find a runny yolk or the dreaded gray-green ring? It's happened to the best of us, but there's a simple solution that thousands of Amazon shoppers rely on for consistent cooking. It's called the NobleEgg, a nifty egg timer that changes color depending on how done your eggs are. Now you can enjoy soft-, medium- or hard-boiled eggs without the guesswork, and unlike a traditional timer, it won't subject you to annoying ringing sounds. It also happens to be on sale.

No more counting down the minutes and wondering if your boiled eggs are done — with this gadget, you'll have a foolproof visual guide. 

$7 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Our price trackers tell us that this egg timer hasn't dipped any lower since 2022, and $7 (over 45% off) is a small price to pay for something that'll save you a headache. Plus, think of how many uncooked or overcooked eggs you won't have to throw out anymore!

Why do I need this?

About the size of a real egg, the NobleEgg hardly takes up any space and couldn't be easier to use. All you do is place it in the pot with your eggs. As the water heats up, you'll see it gradually go from red to white as it indicates each doneness level. At soft, you'll have a runnier yolk ideal for dipping; at medium, a jammy-textured yolk; at hard, a totally cooked yolk for making deviled eggs, putting in salads or just eating as is.

The timer is made of a BPA-, BPS- and BPF-free material, and was designed to be easy to read, even in boiling water. Just note that in order to keep your NobleEgg accurate, you'll want to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding temperature (don't expose it to cold water, as it could recalibrate it).

the egg timer in a pot of water with eggs
Who knew something as unassuming as an egg timer could make you go, "Where has this been all my life?" (Amazon)

What reviewers say

No yolk: Over 6,000 Amazon customers have already given the NobleEgg a perfect rating.

"Great product," raved one impressed user. "In our family, we each have our preference in terms of how we like our boiled eggs. This NobleEgg Pro makes it easy to keep everyone happy."

"I can never seem to cook boiled eggs the way I like them, and this tool makes it so easy to get an accurate read on when your eggs are done," shared another satisfied shopper. "I find that setting a kitchen timer doesn't reliably let me know when my eggs are done, and sometimes they aren't cooked enough. I feel, however, that because this tool is exposed to the same heat that the eggs are, it gives a much more accurate read."

"This adorable little guy is on the job!" exclaimed a final fan. Their one note? "Just be sure to keep an eye on him, because it won't sound any alarms. Follow instructions and you won't be disappointed."

You'll be shell-shocked (wink) by how much easier it is to cook eggs, thanks to this helpful gadget.

$7 at Amazon

Another egg-citing Amazon find? This No. 1 bestselling egg tray:

This clear holder lets you see how many eggs you have left, and since it's got a lid, you can stack other items on top to make better use of the room in your fridge. It's also way nicer to look at than a cardboard carton.

"I love how these make my fridge look like an Instagram fridge," raved a happy buyer. "It's also a great way to see how many eggs I have left without having to open any containers."

$10 at Amazon

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